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Only 2 Participants Needed

Corporate Logo SETC Training is the only training provider that guarantees a course to run with 2 participants. We will run the course you need, at your facility or ours, in English or in French, remotely or in person and using our equipment or yours. We will also customize the course contents to your specific operational requirements. We do all of this at no extra charge.

The SETC Training Difference

The SETC Training technical training solution is different because
  • SETC Training specializes in hands-on and practical technical and management training.
  • We deliver training at our location or yours.
  • We guarantee a course to run with a live in-person instructor with as few as 2 people registered for the same price
  • Every SETC Training course is customized to your operational requirements. We work with you to customize every aspect of your training experience.
  • The SETC Training curriculum includes expert topics for advanced students. Our expert series includes topics that will challenge the most experienced IT professionals.
  • All SETC Training courses can be delivered in French or in English.
  • SETC Training manuals are complete, intuitive and clear. The courseware can be modified to meet the particular needs of our clients because we own the courseware.

The Adult Learner

Adult learners experience best results in their learning when the content is logical and relevant. The use of sequential curriculum design ensures that the learner always has the theoretical framework to understand the material covered. More importantly, all SETC Training materials explain course content in a logical and intuitive way that does not depend on technical jargon. This human friendly design combines with real world practical exercises to produce learning experiences that are structured and relevant. Knowledge acquisition is a three-stage process: Theory, Understanding and Practice. The most difficult is the transition from understanding to application. Repeating concepts multiple times gives learners the opportunity to process the same information 3 times in 3 different contexts, thus facilitating the transition from theory to practice. Stimulating the adult learner poses a unique challenge. Unlike children, adults expect to be actively involved in the organization and progression of a course. They perceive the instructor as a peer and the course they are attending as one among many other demands on their time. SETC Training provides a flexible approach where participants are actively engaged in the learning process and where the instructor functions in the role of a facilitator. Instructors inquire, elicit thought, provide resources and motivate.

The Solution

The Choquette Technical Education System provides a framework for practical, pertinent and efficient professional training. The system uses a balanced theory-demo-practice model based on proven educational methods. The training facilitates the transition from theory to practice through the use of pertinent demonstrations, concrete exercises and sequential curriculum design. Armed with a strong theoretical understanding and a demonstration of the expected end product, participants are given the opportunity to complete realistic practical exercises. Each and every exercise is related to accepted practices and industry standards as they are applied in the real word of the client. More importantly, all labs are cumulative and result in a deployable product at the end of the class.

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