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1. Title

  • Advanced Microsoft Word: Strategies to Plan and Create High Quality Documents (ADVTW, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous Microsoft Word experience

3. Target Audience

  • Business professionals who want to learn how to create and manage documents and templates that comply with organizational standards

4. Dates and Pricing

May 31 to Jun 2, 2017$1,675.00/person
Oct 4 to Oct 6, 2017$1,675.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Business Writing

Topic 1: The Writing Process

Topic 2: Understanding your Writing Style

Topic 3: The Path to Clarity and the Elimination of Ambiguity

Topic 4: The Active and the Passive Voice

Topic 5: Wording: Precision versus Ambiguity

Module 2: Effective Writing

Topic 1: Understanding Purpose, Goals and Target Audience

Topic 2: The Importance of the Target Audience

Topic 3: Beginning and Endings

Topic 4: Subject Headings

Topic 5: Directing the Message to the Reader

Module 3: English Language Rules

Topic 1: Grammar

Topic 2: Verbs

Topic 3: Punctuation

Module 4: Setting up a Template

Topic 1: Creating the Styles in Word

Topic 2: Ensuring the Integrity of Styles

Topic 3: Planning for Bulleting and Numbering

Topic 4: Planning for Tables and Cells

Topic 5: Planning the Reference Structure

Module 5: Creating Macros

Topic 1: Automation Overview

Topic 2: Allocating Keyboard Shortcuts

Topic 3: Creating Formatting Macros

Topic 4: Creating Support Macros

Module 6: Effective Topics

Topic 1: Topic Overviews

Topic 2: Using Images in Text

Topic 3: Using Graphs and Images

Topic 4: Ensuring Effective Intra-Topic Flow

Module 7: Transitions and Flow

Topic 1: The Whole Document

Topic 2: Transition Words and their Impact on Flow

Topic 3: Using Headings and Sub-Headings

Topic 4: Using Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Topic 5: Using Parallel Structures

Topic 6: Using Paragraphs

Module 8: Debrief – Reviewing the Process

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