AIX Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting
(AIXADVADM, Live Instructor-Led Training, 5 days)


This SETC Certified is designed to teach experienced AIX administrator how to manage server availability, maintenance, troubleshooting and recovery. Using hands-on labs, students explore in detail the System Resource Controller (SRC), Object Data Manager (ODM) as well as Logical Volume Management (LVM). The student is also given experience with real-life scenario such as recovering a system that does not boot, troubleshooting hardware problems, performing backups and other critical administrative task. The course ends with a complete troubleshooting lab in which students are given a faulty environment that they must make functional.

Dates and Pricing

2 People for Delivery $3,350/person


System Resource Controller
SRC Overview
SRC Startup and Configuration
The syslogd Daemon
Using cron and crontab
Troubleshooting the SRC
Object Data Manager
ODM Overview
The ODM Database
Configuring ODM
Troubleshooting ODM
Storage Management
What Is LVM?
Managing the LVM Configuration
Managing Volumes
Managing File Systems
Troubleshooting LVM
System Paging Space
Best Practices and Common Mistakes
System Startup and Initialization
Understanding the Boot Process
Power-On Sequence, LEDs and Audio Signals
Boot Commands
Troubleshooting Boot Problems
Maintaining Hardware
Using Hardware Assistance
Setup Direct Terminal
Using and Configuring System Logs
Hardware Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Managing Workload
Overview of Workload and Dynamics
Understanding System Performance
Using the *stat Commands
Using Nice and Controlling Priority
Workload Manager
Troubleshooting Workloads
Managing Backups and Restores
Overview of Backup and Restore
Using mksysb
Backing Up Directories and Volumes
Performing Backups
Performing Restores
Cloning and Duplication
A Complete Troubleshooting Lab
Participants are provided with a defective environment that they must make functional