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Very good introduction course, is very useful for my job and, through the course, discussed the next level with the trainer and realised that another course then the one I have chosen should be my next course. Guidance is excellent and I will be back for the second course I require in my job, and that course is the suggestion of the trainer. Excellent job!
Comment from RCMP

1. Title

  • AIX Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting (AIXADVADM, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Prior knowledge of AIX and POWER Systems, UNIX command line usage experience and vi text editor usage experience

3. Target Audience

  • Intermediate to advanced AIX administrator who need to expand their knowledge and skills

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: System Resource Controller

Topic 1: SRC Overview

Topic 2: SRC Startup and Configuration

Topic 3: The syslogd Daemon

Topic 4: Using cron and crontab

Topic 5: Troubleshooting the SRC

Module 2: Object Data Manager

Topic 1: ODM Overview

Topic 2: The ODM Database

Topic 3: Configuring ODM

Topic 4: Troubleshooting ODM

Module 3: Storage Management

Topic 1: What Is LVM?

Topic 2: Managing the LVM Configuration

Topic 3: Managing Volumes

Topic 4: Managing File Systems

Topic 5: Troubleshooting LVM

Topic 6: System Paging Space

Topic 7: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Module 4: System Startup and Initialization

Topic 1: Understanding the Boot Process

Topic 2: Power-On Sequence, LEDs and Audio Signals

Topic 3: Boot Commands

Topic 4: Troubleshooting Boot Problems

Module 5: Maintaining Hardware

Topic 1: Using Hardware Assistance

Topic 2: Setup Direct Terminal

Topic 3: Using and Configuring System Logs

Topic 4: Hardware Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Module 6: Managing Workload

Topic 1: Overview of Workload and Dynamics

Topic 2: Understanding System Performance

Topic 3: Using the *stat Commands

Topic 4: Using Nice and Controlling Priority

Topic 5: Workload Manager

Topic 6: Troubleshooting Workloads

Module 7: Managing Backups and Restores

Topic 1: Overview of Backup and Restore

Topic 2: Using mksysb

Topic 3: Backing Up Directories and Volumes

Topic 4: Performing Backups

Topic 5: Performing Restores

Topic 6: Cloning and Duplication

Module 8: A Complete Troubleshooting Lab

Topic 1: Participants are provided with a defective environment that they must make functional

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