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Apache Training

Our instructor is very knowledgeable of the subject. I like that we are able to ask very specific questions at any time during the course and get a complete and accurate answer.
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1. Title

  • Apache and Tomcat Professional Administration (APATOM, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous unix administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to manage Apache and Tomcat servers

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 19 to Sep 22, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 11 to Dec 15, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Apache

Topic 1: History of the Apache Web Server

Topic 2: Overview of Apache Software Foundation

Topic 3: Downloading Apache

Topic 4: Installing Apache on Windows

Topic 5: Installing Apache on Unix/Linux

Topic 6: Compilation options

Topic 7: About Dynamic and Static Compilation

Topic 8: Testing and Validating the Installation

Topic 9: Installing Modules

Module 2: Starting and Stopping Apache

Topic 1: Starting/Stopping Apache on Windows

Topic 2: Apache Monitor

Topic 3: Apache Executable

Topic 4: Windows Service

Topic 5: Starting/Stopping Apache on Unix/Linux

Topic 6: Apache Executable

Topic 7: apachectl script

Topic 8: Install Apache as a Service

Module 3: The Apache Configuration Files

Topic 1: The contents of the /conf directory

Topic 2: The httpd.conf file

Topic 3: Directives

Topic 4: Sections

Topic 5: The Include Directive

Topic 6: The Options Directive

Topic 7: The Installed Directories

Module 4: The htaccess File

Topic 1: Overview of .htacces files

Topic 2: Configuring .htaccess

Topic 3: The AllowOverride directive

Topic 4: Setting directory authentication

Topic 5: Allowing CGI scripts

Topic 6: Performance Issues

Module 5: Virtual Hosts

Topic 1: Overview of Virtual Hosting

Topic 2: IP-Based Virtual Hosts

Topic 3: Name-based Virtual Hosts

Topic 4: Port-based Virtual Hosts

Topic 5: Bulk Virtual Hosting

Module 6: MIME and File Types

Topic 1: Overview of MIME Types

Topic 2: Configuring MIME Types

Topic 3: Encoding Files

Topic 4: Character Sets

Topic 5: Languages

Module 7: URL Mapping

Topic 1: Configuring Aliases

Topic 2: Configuring Redirects

Topic 3: The DocumentRoot Directive

Topic 4: Error Documents

Topic 5: Overview of mod_rewrite

Module 8: Directory Indexing

Topic 1: The DirectoryIndex Directive

Topic 2: Fancy Indexing

Topic 3: Headers and Footers

Topic 4: Ignoring Files

Topic 5: Searching and Sorting

Module 9: Performance Tuning

Topic 1: The ApacheBench Utility Program

Topic 2: Tweaking the Apache Configuration

Topic 3: Configuring Apache MPMs (prefork, worker, winnt)

Module 10: Handlers and Filters

Topic 1: Overview of Handlers

Topic 2: The Section

Topic 3: Configuring Handlers

Topic 4: The server-status Handler

Topic 5: Overview of Filters

Topic 6: Configuring Filters

Module 11: SSI

Topic 1: Overview of SSI

Topic 2: Configuring SSI

Topic 3: Using SSI Directives

Module 12: Managing Scripts

Topic 1: Overview of scripting options

Topic 2: The mod_perl Module

Topic 3: Configuring mod_perl

Topic 4: Installing PHP on Windows

Topic 5: Configuring PHP

Module 13: Security

Topic 1: Common Security Issues with Apache

Topic 2: Dynamic Content Issues

Topic 3: Authentication and Authorization

Topic 4: Access Control

Topic 5: Unix File Permissions

Topic 6: Configuring Apache for SSL

Module 14: Introducing Apache Tomcat

Topic 1: History of the Tomcat Web Server

Topic 2: Differences between The Apache HTTP server and Tomcat

Module 15: Installing Tomcat

Topic 1: Verifying Java Installation

Topic 2: Downloading Tomcat

Topic 3: Choosing the right version

Topic 4: Installing Tomcat on Windows

Topic 5: Installing Tomcat on Unix/Linux

Topic 6: Compilation options

Topic 7: About Dynamic and Static Compilation

Topic 8: Testing and Validating the Installation

Module 16: Technical Overview of Tomcat

Topic 1: Understanding Java technology (Java EE)

Topic 2: Overview of Java Web Application (Servlet, JSP, JSF, Struts and WAR)

Topic 3: Understanding the Catalina Servlet Engine

Topic 4: The Jasper JSP Engine

Topic 5: The Coyote HTTP Connector

Topic 6: Directory Structure

Module 17: Configuring Tomcat

Topic 1: Understanding Tomcat Configuration

Topic 2: Configuring Logging

Topic 3: Configuring server.xml

Topic 4: Configuring web.xml

Topic 5: Understanding context.xml

Module 18: Deploying Applications to Tomcat

Topic 1: Determining Application Requirement

Topic 2: Publishing a Simple (.war) Application

Topic 3: Publishing a Complex (.ear) Application

Topic 4: Publishing Shared Libraries (.jar)

Topic 5: Testing Applications

Module 19: Tomcat Security

Topic 1: Understanding Roles and Users

Topic 2: Understanding Java EE Security

Topic 3: Integrating Web Application Security with Tomcat

Topic 4: Isolating Applications

Module 20: Integrating Tomcat and Apache

Topic 1: Using Apache as a Front Controller for Tomcat

Topic 2: Installing and Configuring mod_jserv

Topic 3: Configuring Multiple JVM and Virtual Hosts

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