Professional App-V: Virtualizing Applications in the Enterprise
(APPVCOMP, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)


This SETC certified course provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the various features of Microsoft App-V. The course begins with a comprehensive overview of the App-V environment and how it can be used in the context of a modern IT infrastructure. Beginning with the installation and configuration of App-V client and server components, the course quickly proceeds to a detailed investigation of the App-V client, application sequencing, complex sequencing, security, publishing, fault tolerance, scalability, load balancing and much more. If you need to install, configure, maintain and tune Microsoft App-V based desktops, this SETC certified course is for you.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 16 to Jan 19, 2018$2,500/person Feb 13 to Feb 16, 2018$2,500/person Mar 13 to Mar 16, 2018$2,500/person


An Introduction to Microsoft App-V
Server-Side: The Components
About Sequenced Application Components
App-V Client Components
Overview of App-V Deployment Models
The Client to Publication Relationship
Case Study: App-V in Action
Installation and Concepts
Preparing the Environment
Preparing the Full Infrastructure Model
Installing App-V Components: Sequencer, Client and Streaming Server
About App-V Modes: Streaming and Standalone
Automating the App-V Desktop Client Deployment
Testing the Installation
The Basics of Sequencing
Sequencing Overview
Sequencing Requirements
Sequencing Applications
Putting Sequencing in Action
Mastering Sequencing
About Complex Sequencing
About Applications that Require Complex Sequencing
Handling Sequence Exclusions
Implementing Workarounds
Working with Dynamic Suite Composition
About Upgrading an Existing Application
Working with Package Accelerators
Deploying Applications in Complex Environments
Overview of Deployment Options
HTTP Publishing and Streaming
Working in Standalone Mode
Working with SSL Communications
Working with Provide Policies
Scripting and App-V Command Lines
Overview of App-V Scripting Capabilities
App-V Scripting Basics
App-V Scripting Essentials
Working with App-V Scripting
Overview of App-V Command Line
App-V Command Line Basics
App-V Command Line Essentials
Working with App-V Command Line
Troubleshooting App-V
Overview of Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting the Implementation
Troubleshooting Application Delivery
Troubleshooting Application Sequencing and Launching’
A Complete Troubleshooting Lab
App-V Scalability
Design Overview and Guidelines
Ensuring Fault Tolerance in the Design
Creating and Communicating the Design
Implementing Fault Tolerance in App-V
Implementing Network Load Balancing in App-V
Implementing Database Mirroring in App-V
Implementing DFS
Extending the Applications
Integrating App-V with the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
About VDI
Integrating App-V with VDI
About VDI and the App-V Client Cache
About the Shared Cache
App-V and RDS Integration Alternatives