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.NET Training

The instructor was very knowledgeable and went beyond the course expectations. He also explained database concepts and made sure the students understood the topics. I will definitely recommend this course to my co-workers.
Comment from Canada School of Public Service

1. Title

  • The Complete ASP .NET MVC Course: From Design to Implementation (ASPMVC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented Programming using either C# or VB .NET

3. Target Audience

  • Experienced .NET Developpers

4. Dates and Pricing

Jun 6 to Jun 9, 2017$2,775.00/person
Sep 26 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Nov 21 to Nov 24, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Designing Object Based Web Applications

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: About Web Application Architecture

Topic 3: Understanding MVC: the Model, the View and the Controller

Topic 4: Furthering the Model : the Data Access Layer

Topic 5: Furthering the View: ASP.NET MVC Views

Topic 6: Furthering the Controller

Topic 7: Where does ORM fit in?

Module 2: Implementing ORM with the ADO.NET Entity Model

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: What is Object Relational Mapping

Topic 3: Building a Model

Topic 4: Managing Transactions

Topic 5: Transactions and MVC

Module 3: Exploring ASP.NET MVC

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: The Need for MVC

Topic 3: The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern

Topic 4: The Controller’s Responsibilities

Topic 5: About The IController Interface

Topic 6: About the Controller Class

Topic 7: Creating Custom Controllers

Module 4: Creating Actions

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: The Controller to Action Relationship

Topic 3: Implementing Simple Actions

Topic 4: The Request to Action Relationship

Topic 5: Exploring Action Parameters

Topic 6: Implementing Dynamic Parameter Assignment

Topic 7: Implementing Object Parameter Assignment

Module 5: Creating the View

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: About the Web Forms to View Relationship

Topic 3: Mapping ASP.Net Forms to MVC Views

Topic 4: Implementing Form Data Validation

Topic 5: Client Validation and Validation Summary

Topic 6: Validation on Class Methods

Topic 7: Dealing with Exceptions

Topic 8: About Dynamic View Creation

Topic 9: Javascript and MVC

Topic 10: An Alternative to Using Javascript In MVC

Module 6: More on Actions

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: Separating Model, View and Controller

Topic 3: Handling Unrecognized Actions

Topic 4: Handling Other Exceptions

Topic 5: Dynamically Generating Views

Topic 6: Creating Advanced Actions

Topic 7: Working with Master Pages

Module 7: Globalization

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: Strings, Globalization and Conversions

Topic 3: Special Resource Folders

Topic 4: Creating a Resource Assembly

Topic 5: MVC Globalization in Practice

Module 8: State Management

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: State Management

Topic 3: Server State Management: System.Web.Caching.Cache

Topic 4: Implementing SQL Dependencies

Topic 5: Caching Web Content

Topic 6: Tracing

Topic 7: MVC and State Management

Module 9: Putting it All Together

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: Advanced Debugging Techniques

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