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Had a great time and learned a lot, as I always do with your courses.
Comment from Employment and Social Development Canada

1. Title

  • The Complete AdminStudio Course for IT Professionals (ASTUDIO, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in an application packaging and installation role

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn how to package applications using Flexera AdminStudio

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Overview of AdminStudio

Topic 1: AdminStudio Tools

Topic 2: Overview of Windows Installer

Topic 3: Windows Installer Migration

Module 2: Application Migration Prerequisites

Topic 1: Storage Structure Definitions

Topic 2: Packaging Environment

Topic 3: Project Documentation Preparation

Topic 4: Repackager

Topic 5: Exclusion Lists

Module 3: The Repackaging Process

Topic 1: Repackager Best Practices

Topic 2: Repacker Interface

Topic 3: Repackaging Legacy Applications

Topic 4: Post Repackaging Tasks

Topic 5: SmarScan Wizard

Topic 6: InstallScript MSI Installations

Topic 7: Process Output Files

Topic 8: Repackager Reporting Tools

Topic 9: Isolated Windows Installer Package

Module 4: InstallShield Editor

Topic 1: Getting Started with InstallShield Editor

Topic 2: InstallShield Views

Topic 3: Windows Installer Conditions

Topic 4: The Release Wizard

Topic 5: Validation of Packages

Topic 6: Template Creation

Module 5: Testing Installations

Topic 1: Testing Guidelines

Topic 2: Windows Installer Tests

Topic 3: Commonly Performed Tests

Topic 4: The QualityMonitor

Module 6: Advanced InstallShield Editor

Topic 1: File Querying

Topic 2: Modifying Database Tables

Topic 3: Security and Permissions

Topic 4: COM Registration

Module 7: Custom Actions

Topic 1: Windows Installer Sequences

Topic 2: Scheduling Options

Topic 3: Sequences View

Topic 4: Common Custom Action Types

Module 8: Windows Installer Transform

Topic 1: Transforms Overview

Topic 2: Transform Tuner Options

Topic 3: Response Transforms

Topic 4: Editing Transforms

Topic 5: Applying Transforms

Topic 6: Using InstallShield Editor to Create Transforms

Module 9: Applications and Application Catalog databases

Topic 1: Overview of the Application Manager Interface

Topic 2: Application Catalogs

Topic 3: Importing Pakages and Merge Modules

Topic 4: Working with Operating System Snapshots

Topic 5: Managing Application and Pakckage Data

Topic 6: Working with Reports

Module 10: Testing Packages With Test Center

Topic 1: Test Center Overview

Topic 2: Testing Configuration

Topic 3: Compatibility and Best Practices Testing

Topic 4: Conflict Testing

Topic 5: Summarizing Test Results

Topic 6: Issue Resolution

Topic 7: Test Summary Reports with the Report Center Tab

Module 11: Distributing Packages

Topic 1: The Distribution Wizard

Topic 2: The Legacy Distribution Wizard

Module 12: Upgrading Products

Topic 1: The Upgrades View

Topic 2: Major Upgrade Preparation

Topic 3: Upgrade Settings

Topic 4: Validation of Product Upgrades

Topic 5: Deploying Product Upgrades

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