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Testing and QA Management Training

Very good introduction course, is very useful for my job and, through the course, discussed the next level with the trainer and realised that another course then the one I have chosen should be my next course. Guidance is excellent and I will be back for the second course I require in my job, and that course is the suggestion of the trainer. Excellent job!
Comment from RCMP

1. Title

  • Business Analysis in Practice: Testing and Quality Assurance for Software Professionals (BA202T, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Course participants should have previous experience in a testing and quality assurance role.

3. Target Audience

  • Business professionals who want to apply the best practices of testing and quality assurance to their software development projects

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Testing

Topic 1: Testing Basics

Topic 2: Static Testing

Topic 3: Boundary Value Testing

Topic 4: Decision Table Testing

Topic 5: Garbage Data

Topic 6: State Testing

Topic 7: Other Forms of Testing

Topic 8: Applicable Standards

Module 2: Bugs and Defects

Topic 1: Infamous Software Bugs

Topic 2: What is a Bug?

Topic 3: Types of Defects

Topic 4: Common Software Errors

Topic 5: Software Defects: Cause and Effect

Topic 6: Documenting and Reporting Bugs

Topic 7: Test Case Formats

Topic 8: Problem Solving

Module 3: Functional and Non–Functional Specifications

Topic 1: Functional Specifications

Topic 2: Requirements Specification

Topic 3: Use Cases

Topic 4: Use Case Diagrams

Topic 5: Use Case Formats

Topic 6: Writing Test Cases

Topic 7: The Supplementary Specification

Module 4: Development Methodology

Topic 1: Choosing a Methodology

Topic 2: The Unified Process

Topic 3: The Inception Phase

Topic 4: The Elaboration Phase

Topic 5: The Construction Phase

Topic 6: The Transition Phase

Topic 7: The MSF for Agile Software Development

Module 5: Test Plans, Test Cases and Bugs

Topic 1: A Traceability Strategy for the Organization

Topic 2: The Test Plan and Test Cases

Topic 3: Testing Documentation

Topic 4: The Master Plan

Topic 5: Components of a Master Test Plan

Topic 6: The Test Design Specification

Topic 7: Writing Test Cases

Topic 8: Test Metrics

Topic 9: About Defects

Topic 10: Reporting Bugs

Module 6: Quality Assurance

Topic 1: The Quality Assurance Process

Topic 2: Step 1: Vision and Mission Statement

Topic 3: Step 2: Document Processes

Topic 4: Step 3: Establishing Measurements

Topic 5: Step 4: Control Processes using Measurements

Topic 6: Step 5: Implementing Continuous Improvement

Module 7: Managing Changes

Topic 1: Types of Changes

Topic 2: Conducting a Change Meeting

Topic 3: Managing Change Requests

Topic 4: Implementing a Change Management Process

Module 8: Other Testing Types

Topic 1: Objectives and Limits of Testing

Topic 2: Functional Testing versus Regression Testing

Topic 3: Acceptance Testing

Topic 4: Configuration Testing

Topic 5: Compatibility Testing

Topic 6: Testing Multi-Lingual Systems

Topic 7: Usability Testing

Topic 8: Website Testing

Topic 9: COTS Testing (Commercial Off The Shelf Applications)

Module 9: Testing for Security

Topic 1: Threats and Attacks

Topic 2: Security Flaws and Exploits

Topic 3: Threat Modelling

Topic 4: Threat Modeling using Business Activity Diagrams

Topic 5: Computer Forensics

Topic 6: Antivirus Products, Firewalls and Sniffers

Module 10: The Tools of the Trade

Topic 1: Testing Tools

Topic 2: Functional Testing: JUnit

Topic 3: Code Coverage

Topic 4: Test Plan – RUP Template

Topic 5: Test Plan Outline

Module 11: Test-Driven Development

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Simple Test-First Programming (TFP) Example

Topic 3: TFP Cycle for the First Test

Topic 4: TFP Cycle for the Second Test

Topic 5: Review

Topic 6: Moving Forward with Test-First Programming

Module 12: Putting it all Together – A Complete Testing Lab

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