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Business Analysis Training

The group discussions were helpful and kept me engaged. Instructor was very knowledgeable about many topics. Great course!
Comment from Service Canada

1. Title

  • Mastering Business Case Development (BABCASE, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Not Applicable

3. Target Audience

  • Business professionals who want to learn how to write professional business case

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,150.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Business Analysis

Topic 1: Learning Objectives

Topic 2: Overview of Business Analysis

Topic 3: Best Practices in Business Analysis

Topic 4: Benefits of Business Analysis

Topic 5: Business Analysis versus Project Management

Topic 6: Use Cases and the Analysis Process

Topic 7: Positioning Business Analysis within the Overall Project Lifecycle

Topic 8: Management of Requirements and Use Cases

Topic 9: The Role and Purpose of the Business Case

Topic 10: Best Practices in Business Case Development

Topic 11: Common Mistakes

Topic 12: What We Have Learned and the Real World

Module 2: The Business Case Document

Topic 1: Overview of the Structure of a Business Case

Topic 2: The Key Components of a Business Case

Topic 3: Phrasing the Business Problem

Topic 4: Writing the Vision

Topic 5: Writing the Project Description

Topic 6: The Art of Resource Estimation: Money, Time and People

Topic 7: Describing the Background

Topic 8: Performing Options Analysis

Topic 9: The Art of Risk Analysis

Topic 10: Performing a Test of Reasonableness

Topic 11: Describing the Project Implementation

Topic 12: Linking the Business Case with Strategic Objectives

Topic 13: Writing Conclusions and Recommendations

Module 3: Best Practices

Topic 1: Organizing your Work

Topic 2: Drafting and Proofing

Topic 3: The Art of Rewriting

Topic 4: Using Proper Vocabulary

Topic 5: Using Precision and Avoiding Ambiguity

Topic 6: Ensuring Executive Support

Topic 7: Reviewing the Result

Topic 8: Review of Business Case Development

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