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Business Analysis Training

The Teacher was very talented. As English is my second language, the teacher was able to understand what I was trying to say and answer easily all my questions.
Comment from DND

1. Title

  • Business Analysis in Practice: Developing High Quality Business Use Cases (BAPUC, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a professional work environment as a business analyst or similar experience

3. Target Audience

  • Business professionals who want to learn how to write high quality business use cases

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,675.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Business Analysis Basics

Topic 1: Business Analysis Basics

Topic 2: The Need for Analysis

Topic 3: Choosing a Methodology: Waterfall vs Iterative

Topic 4: Survey Methodology

Topic 5: A Case Study

Module 2: The Rational Unified Process

Topic 1: Waterfall Methodology

Topic 2: Iterative Methodology

Topic 3: The Rational Unified Process

Topic 4: The Inception Phase

Topic 5: The Elaboration Phase

Topic 6: The Construction Phase

Topic 7: The Transition Phase

Module 3: Gathering Application Requirements

Topic 1: Information Gathering

Topic 2: Brainstorming

Topic 3: Interviews

Topic 4: Focus Groups

Topic 5: Surveys

Topic 6: Analysis of Existing Documentation

Topic 7: Other Useful Techniques

Module 4: Business Use Case Development

Topic 1: What is a Business Use Case (BUC)?

Topic 2: The Role of the BUC

Topic 3: Writing Requirements using BUCs

Topic 4: Prioritizing Requirements using BUCs

Topic 5: Writing High Quality Fully Dressed BUCs

Topic 6: Using UML Use Case Diagrams

Topic 7: Using UML Business Activity Diagrams

Topic 8: Writing with Clarity and Precision

Topic 9: About BUCs and Iterative Development

Topic 10: Where do BUCs Lead? The Full Process

Topic 11: Reviewing the Process

Module 5: Survey Methodology

Topic 1: Survey Methodology Overview

Topic 2: Defining Population and Sample

Topic 3: Choosing a Collection Method

Topic 4: Survey Options

Topic 5: Question Types

Topic 6: Conducting the Survey

Topic 7: Analyzing Survey Results

Module 6: Testing Methodology

Topic 1: Testing Overview

Topic 2: Black Box Testing

Topic 3: Systems Testing: Unit, Module, User Acceptance, etc..

Topic 4: Implementing a Testing Methodology

Topic 5: Writing Good Test Cases and the Role of the BUC

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