Business Writing: Writing Professional Briefing Notes
(BRIEF, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)


In the modern workplace, executives must remain informed on a wide array of topics. In such an environment, briefing notes provide managers and directors with valuable information on situational background, facts and the key considerations in making a decision.

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The Essentials of Briefing Notes
What is a Briefing?
The Target of a Briefing Note
The Purpose of a Briefing Note
The Art of Summarizing Issues: Pros and Cons
What is a Good Briefing Note?
Overview of the Characteristics of a Good Briefing Note
Planning the Structure and Flow of the Briefing Note
Aiming for Brevity and Conciseness
Writing for Clarity
Presenting Information that is Reliable and Readable
Preparing for the Writing Effort: The Information you Need
The Structure of a Good Briefing Note
The Major Parts of a Briefing Note
The Information: The Purpose, the Relevant Facts and the Conclusion
The Issue
The Background
The Current Status
Key Considerations
Conclusions and Recommendations
Reviewing the Briefing Note
The Art of Editing
Common Mistakes in Writing Briefing Notes
A Checklist for Verification
The Practicum