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BizTalk Training

The learning experience was excellent.
Comment from Law Society of Upper Canada

1. Title

  • Advanced BizTalk Server Administration: Configuration and Performance Tuning (BTADMA, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a BizTalk server envronment

3. Target Audience

  • System administrators who want to master BizTalk server in an enterprise context

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: BizTalk Server Enterprise Environment

Topic 1: This topic provides a comprehensive overview of BizTalk in an Enterprise Environment

Module 2: Configuring Components

Topic 1: Understanding Namespaces and Assemblies in a BizTalk Environment

Topic 2: Understanding BizTalk Packaging Essentials: BizTalk Components and Assemblies

Topic 3: Exploring Assembly Deployment Techniques

Topic 4: About Change Management and Version Control

Topic 5: Deploying BizTalk Server Artifacts to a BizTalk Server

Topic 6: Ensuing Proper Version Control in a BizTalk Environment

Topic 7: How to Deploy Changed Artifacts in a Production Environment

Module 3: Understanding BizTalk Components

Topic 1: Understanding XML and Namespaces

Topic 2: Working with BizTalk Server Schemas

Topic 3: Working with BizTalk Maps

Topic 4: Working with Physical Ports

Topic 5: Configuring and Working with Filters

Topic 6: Implementing Content Based Routing

Topic 7: Performance Considerations

Module 4: Biztalk Process Integration

Topic 1: The Need for Orchestrations

Topic 2: About BizTalk Orchestrations

Topic 3: Connecting Logical Ports to Physical Ports

Topic 4: Using Web Services

Topic 5: What are Correlation Sets?

Topic 6: About Service Broker

Topic 7: About Notification Services

Module 5: Using Web Services

Topic 1: XML Web Service Architecture

Topic 2: Creating a Web Service

Topic 3: Calling Web Services from BizTalk

Topic 4: Exposing an Orchestration as a Web Service

Module 6: Configuration and Deployment: Preparatory Topics

Topic 1: Application Configuration

Topic 2: About Certificates and Keys

Topic 3: About the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

Topic 4: Deploying a Strong Named Assembly to the GAC

Topic 5: Deployment Security Considerations

Module 7: Performing a Deployment

Topic 1: BizTalk Artifacts: What gets Deployed and Where

Topic 2: Tools based BizTalk Deployment

Topic 3: Creating an MSI File

Topic 4: WMI / PowerShell Based BizTalk Deployment

Topic 5: Deploying Web Services

Topic 6: Other Deployment Considerations

Module 8: Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: Windows Server Backup and Recovery

Topic 2: SQL Server Backup and Recovery

Topic 3: ESSO Backup and Recovery

Topic 4: SharePoint Portal Server Backup and Recovery

Topic 5: Other Essential Backup and Recovery Considerations

Module 9: Advanced Performance Tuning

Topic 1: Best Practices for Performance

Topic 2: Basic Performance Tuning Checks: Agents, Services and Other Considerations

Topic 3: Ensuring OS Performance

Topic 4: Ensuring Network Performance

Topic 5: Ensuring Database Performance

Topic 6: Ensuring BizTalk Messaging Performance

Topic 7: Ensuring BizTalk Pipelines Performance

Topic 8: Ensuring BizTalk Orchestrations Performance

Topic 9: Ensuring WCF Performance

Topic 10: Other Considerations

Module 10: Troubleshooting

Topic 1: Installation

Topic 2: Schemas and Maps

Topic 3: Messaging

Topic 4: Orchestrations

Topic 5: Pipelines

Topic 6: Assemblies and Deployment

Topic 7: Web Services

Topic 8: Essential Production Notes

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