BizTalk Server Essentials for Administrators
(BTESSADM, Live Instructor-Led Training, 3 days)


This SETC Certified course provides participants with an overview of BizTalk administration. Beginning with XML and its relationship with BizTalk, the course proceeds to an overview of BizTalk architecture. With this knowledge in hand, participants are introduced to the many BizTalk components including schemas, maps, pipelines, assemblies and orchestrations. Participants are introduced to a variety of message routing scenarios including content based routing, custom maps and transformations and custom orchestrations. The course concludes with a brief discussion of application deployment.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 10 to Jan 12, 2018$1,675/person Feb 7 to Feb 9, 2018$1,675/person Mar 7 to Mar 9, 2018$1,675/person


Application Architecture
The Need for XML
The Application Tiers: 1, 2 and 3-Tiered Applications
Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure
Web Applications: Technology and Infrastructure.
The .Net Answer
Assemblies and Namespaces
The Visual Studio .NET Environment
Overview of BizTalk Messaging Architecture
BizTalk and EBusiness
XML Essentials
XML Document Basics: Well-Formed and Valid XML Documents
Well Formed XML Documents
XML Document Validation: DTDs
XML Document Validation: Schemas
Presenting to the User: XSL Stylesheets
The .NET Framework and XML: The System.Xml Namespace
Creating Schemas and Maps
Creating Schemas
Generating Schemas
Creating Maps
Using Database Functoids
Creating Custom Functoids
Creating a Functoid
BizTalk Messaging
The Adapters
The File Adapter
The Http Adapter
BizTalk Server 2006 Adapter for Oracle
Configuring Messaging
Implementing Content Based Routing
Send and Receive Pipelines
Creating a Custom Pipeline Component
Debugging Pipeline Components
Building Orchestrations
Orchestration Fundamentals
Business Activity Diagrams
The Visual Studio Designer
Building the Top Level Orchestration
Deploying and Debugging Orchestrations
Calling Other Orchestrations
Using Rules
Using Transactions
BizTalk Server Transactions
Using Web Services
XML Web Service Architecture
Creating a Web Service
Calling Web Services from BizTalk
Exposing an Orchestration As a Web Service
Configuration and Deployment
Application Configuration
Application Deployment
Setting Up the Solution
BizTalk Server Deployment