Business and Technical Writing: Beyond the Basics
(BWRBB, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)


Good technical writing is the intersection of art, technique and technology. This advanced technical writing course equips the business professional with the necessary tools and strategies to plan and create documents that inspire, inform and motivate. In addition, this course introduces participants to the wonderful world of macros and templates, to support authors in creating visually-appealing reports.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 16, 2018$799/person Feb 12 to Feb 13, 2018$799/person Mar 12 to Mar 13, 2018$799/person


Why writing well matters
Understanding your writing style
Self assessment and goals
Fundamentals of Technical Writing
How technical writing differs from other types of writing
Understanding the purpose of your report
Understanding your target audience
Active versus passive voice
Choosing the right words
Brevity and editing
Eliminating ambiguous phrases, jargon, and questionable terms
English Language Rules
Using style guides
Using online/software tools
Getting Started
Structuring your report
Using storyboarding for long documents
Appendices and annexes
Footnotes versus endnotes
Overview of the document production process
Setting up a Template
Creating the styles in Word
Ensuring the integrity of styles
Planning for bulleting and numbering
Planning for tables and cells
Creating Macros
Automation overview
Allocating keyboard shortcuts
Creating formatting macros
Creating support macros
A Picture Says a Thousand Words
The power of diagrams, images, tables and graphs
How to embed graphs and images into text
Fluid Writing
Setting up the reader
Transition words and their impact on flow
Using headings and sub headings
Using numbered and bulleted lists
Using parallel structures
Using paragraphs
Polishing and Perfecting Your Report
Proofreading and grammar checking
Peer review
Final Review - your audience, your purpose, your goal