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The ambience, food and camaraderie excellent. The arrangements made to compensate for my disability has been much appreciated. THANKS The place felt like home.
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1. Title

  • Mastering Cisco: Deploying ASA Solutions (CISCOASA, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a Cisco administration role

3. Target Audience

  • Network professionals who want to learn how to implement Cisco ASA solutions

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,900.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Security fundamentals

Topic 1: Introduction to Network Security

Topic 2: The Need for Network Security

Topic 3: Network Security Options

Topic 4: Why Do Hackers Hack?

Topic 5: General Network Security Goals

Topic 6: Social Engineering and Privilege Escalation Attacks

Topic 7: Understanding Ping Sweeps and Basic Network Auditing

Module 2: Networking fundamentals

Topic 1: Overview of Networking Protocols

Topic 2: Introducing Routing Protocols

Topic 3: Configuring a Cisco Router

Topic 4: Basic Understanding of Router Security

Topic 5: Accessing Remote Devices and Remote Management

Module 3: Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance Fundamentals

Topic 1: Introduction to Cisco ASA Features and Technologies

Topic 2: Recognize the Cisco ASA Product Families

Topic 3: Identify the Cisco ASA Licensing Options

Module 4: Essential Connectivity and Device Management

Topic 1: Configure the Cisco ASA for Network Integration

Topic 2: Manage Basic Cisco ASA Network Settings

Topic 3: Configure Cisco ASA Device Management Features

Module 5: Integrating The Cisco ASA Into The Network

Topic 1: Configure the Cisco ASA with NAT Features

Topic 2: Configure the Cisco ASA Basic Access Control Features

Topic 3: Configure the Cisco ASA Routing Features

Topic 4: Configure the Cisco ASA Transparent Firewall

Module 6: Performing Policy Control

Topic 1: Design and Implement Policies using the Modular Policy Framework (MPF)

Topic 2: Configure the Cisco ASA Connection Policy and QoS Features

Topic 3: Configure the Cisco ASA Advanced Application Inspections

Topic 4: Configure the Cisco ASA User-Based Policies

Module 7: IPv6 Fundamentals

Topic 1: How IPv6 Addresses are assigned

Topic 2: Address Fundamentals

Topic 3: The Network Address

Topic 4: Link-local and Local Unicast Addresses

Topic 5: Auto-configuration

Topic 6: Multicast Addresses

Topic 7: IPv4 and IPv6 Interoperability

Topic 8: About Addresses

Topic 9: Configuring IPv6 Access Lists

Topic 10: Monitoring IPv6 Access Lists

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