Understanding CLF Compliance: The Complete Course for the Implementation of Accessible Web Sites
(CLFACC, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 8 to Jan 9, 2018$1,150/person Feb 5 to Feb 6, 2018$1,150/person Mar 5 to Mar 6, 2018$1,150/person


Understanding the Technologies at Work
The Nature of CLF: Understanding the Components
About HTML5: The Need and the Revolution
How Accessibility and WCAG fit in
How CSS Fits In
Overview of the Content Transformation Process
Understanding Semantic Structure as Defined by HTML5
Understanding Navigation Elements with HTML5
Understanding Tables using HTML5
Understanding Images and Graphs using HTML5
Understanding JavaScript and it use
Legal and Financial Consequences of Inaccessible Web Sites
Creating Accessible and Compliant HTML5 Pages
Working with HTML5 Semantic Structure: sections and articles
Presenting Header and Footer Content using HTML5
Working with Other Structural Elements: asides and more
Inserting Links: New and Old Syntax
A Tour of Old Elements with a New Meaning
Ensuring the Accessibility of the Page
Creating Accessible and Compliant HTML5 Tables
Basics of Table Creation in HTML5
What to Use Tables For
Creating Accessible Tables
About Row and Column Headers
Best Practices of Creating Accessible Tables in HTML5
Creating Accessible and Compliant HTML5 Forms
The Anatomy of a Data Input Form
Ensuring the Accessibility of a HTML5 Form
Using the New Input Types in HTML5
About Buttons and their Use
Ensuring Accessibility in a Data Input Form
The CLF Templates
Overview of CLF Templates
Choosing and Using a CLF Template
Understanding the Elements of a CLF Template
Using a Template: A Simple Example
The Publication Process
Word Capabilities in the area of Web Publication
Preparing the Information for Conversion to the Web
Saving Microsoft Word documents in Web Format: Filtered and Non-Filtered
Understanding Word Outputs: Content and Style
Automating Aspects of the Publication Process with Macros
A Complete Data Export Example