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1. Title

  • Advanced C++ Programming: C++11, C++03 and Boost (CPPBOOST, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Advanced C++ development skills using an object oriented approach

3. Target Audience

  • Advanced C++ programmers who need to write modern and advanced C++ code

4. Dates and Pricing

Aug 22 to Aug 25, 2017$3,900.00/person
Nov 13 to Nov 16, 2017$3,900.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Getting started with C++11

Topic 1: The C++03 and C++11 standard

Topic 2: Memory Architecture

Topic 3: Using the auto Keyword

Topic 4: Alternative C++ Function Syntax

Topic 5: Casting Operators

Topic 6: The new range-based for loop

Topic 7: Lambda Functions and Expressions

Topic 8: Boost.Lambda - Boost.Phoenix

Topic 9: Static assertions

Topic 10: Using const and constexppr

Module 2: Data Structures

Topic 1: Understanding trivial and standard-layout Plain Old Data (POD)

Topic 2: Weak and strongly typed enumeration

Topic 3: Unrestricted unions

Topic 4: Tuples

Topic 5: Hashmap and Sets

Topic 6: Initializer List

Topic 7: Understanding and using type traits in C++11 and Boost

Module 3: Memory Management

Topic 1: Memory architecture

Topic 2: Using unique_ptr, shared_ptr and weak_ptr

Topic 3: Using wrapper reference

Topic 4: The sizeof, alignas and alignof operators

Topic 5: Using set_new_handler()

Topic 6: Difference between NULL and nullptr

Topic 7: Implementing garbage collection

Module 4: Multithreaded Programming

Topic 1: Multithreaded memory architecture

Topic 2: Threading facilities

Topic 3: Thread-local storage

Topic 4: Understanding atomic operations

Topic 5: Using std::mutex, std::lock_guard and std::unique_lock

Topic 6: Using std::future, std::packaged_task and std::async

Module 5: Strings

Topic 1: Ascii, UTF and wide strings

Topic 2: User defined literals

Topic 3: Regular expressions with C++11 and Boost.Regex

Topic 4: Boost.Xpressive

Topic 5: LL parsing using Boost.Spirit

Module 6: Locales

Topic 1: Understanding locales

Topic 2: Locale facets

Topic 3: Working with numbers

Topic 4: Formatting date, time and currency

Topic 5: Using messages and message catalogues

Module 7: Classes

Topic 1: Changes in Constructor from C++03 to C++11

Topic 2: Using Peer Constructors

Topic 3: Inheriting Constructors

Topic 4: Defaulted Constructors and Members

Topic 5: Deleted Class Members

Topic 6: Explicit Function Override

Topic 7: Creating Final Classes

Topic 8: Explicit Conversion Operators

Module 8: Using Templates

Topic 1: Variadic Template

Topic 2: Using extern Templates

Module 9: Boost Library

Topic 1: What is Boost

Topic 2: Boost Libraries that are Part of C++11

Topic 3: Using Boost TR1

Topic 4: Boost.Utility

Topic 5: Containers such as Array, Circular Buffer and Dynamic Bitset

Topic 6: Better Temporal Management with Timer, Date-Time and Chrono

Topic 7: Using Thread and Thread Pools

Topic 8: Better IO: Filesystem, Serialization and ASIO

Topic 9: Boost.Accumulators

Topic 10: Boost.Bind and Boost.Function

Topic 11: Boost.Iterator and Boost.Range/Range_ex

Topic 12: Boost.Program_options

Topic 13: Interprocess signaling using Boost.Signal and Boost.Signal2

Topic 14: Unit Testing with Boost.Tests

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