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C++ Training

Course was work related. Found it very relative to what we are doing today. Instructor was bilingual and answered questions in both official languages.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • The Complete C Programming Course (CPROG, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous structured programming experience

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developers who want to learn about writing code using the C language

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: C Programming Overview

Topic 1: History of C

Topic 2: Purpose of C

Topic 3: Basic Features

Module 2: Your First C Program

Topic 1: Overall Layout

Topic 2: Declarations

Topic 3: Body

Module 3: Variables and Data Types

Topic 1: Characters

Topic 2: Integers

Topic 3: Floating Point Numbers

Topic 4: Convention for Naming Variables

Topic 5: Working with Constants

Module 4: Operators

Topic 1: Arithmetic Operators

Topic 2: Integer vs. Floating Point

Topic 3: Precedence

Topic 4: Assignment Operators

Topic 5: Increment and Decrement Operators

Module 5: Control Flow

Topic 1: Conditional Statements

Topic 2: Operators

Topic 3: Condition Expressions

Topic 4: Switch Statements

Topic 5: Loops

Module 6: Functions

Topic 1: Declaring Functions

Topic 2: Variables and Scope

Topic 3: The Stack

Module 7: Pointers and Arrays

Topic 1: Declaring Pointers

Topic 2: Hazards of Pointers

Topic 3: Declaring Arrays

Topic 4: Arrays as Function Parameters

Module 8: Structures

Topic 1: Declaring Structures

Topic 2: Structures as Function Parameters

Topic 3: Converting Pointers to Structures

Topic 4: Arrays of Structures

Topic 5: Structures in Structures

Topic 6: Structure Members

Module 9: Characters

Topic 1: Character Arrays

Topic 2: Character Strings

Topic 3: String Constants

Module 10: Multidimensional Arrays

Topic 1: Declaration and Initialization

Topic 2: Working with Multidimensional Arrays

Topic 3: Pointers with Multidimensional Arrays

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