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.NET Training

This is the best of many WebEx training sessions I ve taken part in.
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1. Title

  • Professional CSLA .NET: Developing Applications for the Enterprise (CSLAN, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good object oriented programming knowledge

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developers who need to create enterprise applications with CSLA .NET

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 2 to Oct 6, 2017$3,350.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Preparatory Topics – If Necessary

Topic 1: Understanding the Physical and Logical Boundaries of Assemblies and Namespaces

Topic 2: About Inheritance

Topic 3: Practical Polymorphism

Topic 4: About using Interfaces

Topic 5: Working with Generics

Topic 6: A Few Interesting Design Patterns

Topic 7: About MEL: Structure and Function

Topic 8: Advanced .NET Tricks that are Useful in CSLA .NET

Module 2: Application Architecture

Topic 1: Logical vs Physical Architecture

Topic 2: The Logical Layer and the Physical Layer

Topic 3: Primary Design Considerations

Topic 4: A Proposed Architecture: Examining Layers

Topic 5: An Overview of a Typical CSLA Implementation

Topic 6: About CSLA and the .NET Framework

Module 3: Understanding Layers

Topic 1: The Layers: From Presentation to Data Storage

Topic 2: The Data Access Layer

Topic 3: Implementing Business Objects

Topic 4: Implementing Validation

Topic 5: Implementing the User Interface

Topic 6: Other CSLA Components

Module 4: Designing the Application

Topic 1: Design Goals

Topic 2: About Object Persistence and ORM

Topic 3: Framework Design Goals

Topic 4: Tracking and Undo Capability

Topic 5: Data Binding

Topic 6: Validation Rules

Topic 7: A Look at Helper Types

Module 5: Business Framework Implementation

Topic 1: Overview of the CSLA Business Object Framework

Topic 2: Beginning a CSLA .NET Project

Topic 3: Supporting Globalization

Topic 4: Overview of CSLA Namespaces

Topic 5: The CSLA Namespace

Topic 6: CSLA Core Namespace

Topic 7: CSLA Validation Namespace

Topic 8: CSLA Security Namespace

Module 6: Data Access and Security

Topic 1: Designing a Data Portal

Topic 2: The Channel Adapter Pattern

Topic 3: The Message Router Pattern

Topic 4: Supporting Distributed Transactions

Topic 5: Ensuring Transparency

Topic 6: Enhancing CSLA Base Classes

Module 7: Completing the Framework

Topic 1: Implementing Custom Authentication

Topic 2: About Sorting Collections

Topic 3: Handling Dates

Topic 4: Implementing Common Business Rules

Topic 5: Windows Data Binding

Topic 6: Web Forms Data Binding

Topic 7: Advanced Topics

Module 8: CSLA .NET and the .NET 4.0 API

Topic 1: CSLA .NET and WCF

Topic 2: About Restful Services

Topic 3: Advanced Integration Example

Module 9: Putting it all Together – A Complete Example

Topic 1: Reviewing the Layers

Topic 2: Implementing the Data Access Layer

Topic 3: Implementing Business Objects

Topic 4: Connecting Business Objects to Data

Topic 5: Validating Business Data

Topic 6: Implementing the User Interface

Topic 7: Connecting all the Pieces

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