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Citrix Training

Instructor very good at answering questions and is taking a "pulse" to see where we are at.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • Professional Citrix XenApp for Windows Server 2016 (CTRXXAPP, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous system administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to implement Citrix XenApp

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 2 to Oct 6, 2017$3,350.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introducing XenApp

Topic 1: Overview of XenApp Components and Features

Topic 2: XenApp Architecture and Communications

Topic 3: Exploring the Management Consoles

Topic 4: About the License Management Console

Topic 5: About the Access Management Console

Topic 6: A Look at XenApp Advanced Configuration

Module 2: Installing XenApp

Topic 1: Preparing for an Installation

Topic 2: Designing the Installation

Topic 3: Preparing Server 2016

Topic 4: Installing XenApp

Topic 5: Installing Windows Plugins

Topic 6: Creating a Custom Installation Package

Topic 7: Using the Windows Plugin

Module 3: Installing and Configuring Web Interface

Topic 1: Installing and Configuring XenApp Web Sites

Topic 2: Installing and Configuring XenApp Services Sites

Topic 3: Changing the Appearance of a Site

Topic 4: Working with Web Interface Plugins

Topic 5: Configuring Authentication

Topic 6: Configuring the Server

Module 4: Delivering Applications and Content

Topic 1: XenApp and Application Hosting

Topic 2: A Word about Publishing Resources

Topic 3: Configuring Resource Publishing

Topic 4: Advanced Published Resource Settings

Topic 5: Managing Published Resources

Module 5: Streaming Applications

Topic 1: About Application Streaming and XenApp

Topic 2: Overview of Streaming Components and Communications

Topic 3: Working with the XenApp Plugin for Streamed Applications

Topic 4: Working with the Citrix Streaming Profiler

Topic 5: Creating and Configuring Profiles

Topic 6: About Streaming Application Configuration

Topic 7: Configuring Offline Access

Module 6: Load Management

Topic 1: Understanding the Load Balancing Process

Topic 2: Understanding Preferential Load Balancing

Topic 3: Working with Load Calculation

Topic 4: Load Evaluator Configuration

Topic 5: Load Monitoring

Module 7: Configuring Policies in XenApp

Topic 1: XenApp Policy Architecture and Communication

Topic 2: Identifying Policy Rules

Topic 3: Using the Streamed Application Policy

Topic 4: Creating Policies in XenApp

Topic 5: Applying Policies Using Filters

Topic 6: Prioritizing Policies

Topic 7: Using the Policy Search Engine

Topic 8: Merging Shadow Policies

Topic 9: Common Policy Configuration Missteps

Module 8: Configuring Printing

Topic 1: XenApp Printing Architecture and Communication

Topic 2: Working with Print Drivers

Topic 3: Client Printer Policies

Topic 4: Network Printers

Topic 5: Print Driver Management

Module 9: Administrative Configuration

Topic 1: Adding Administrator Accounts

Topic 2: Configuring Administrator Permissions

Topic 3: Configuring Folder Permissions

Topic 4: Enabling Remote Console Connections

Topic 5: Configuration Logging

Module 10: Display and SpeedScreen Configuration

Topic 1: Session Performance Configuration

Topic 2: Configuring SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration

Topic 3: Configuring SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration

Topic 4: Configuring SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration

Topic 5: Configuring SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

Topic 6: Configuring SpeedScreen Image Acceleration

Module 11: XenApp Security

Topic 1: Security Architecture and Components

Topic 2: ICA Encryption

Topic 3: Citrix SSL Relay

Topic 4: Access Gateway

Topic 5: Citrix Secure Gateway

Topic 6: Web Interface Configuration

Topic 7: Secure Gateway Monitoring

Topic 8: Common Security Configuration Missteps

Module 12: Installing Applications, Service Packs and Hotfixes

Topic 1: Application Installation

Topic 2: Installation Manager for Citrix XenApp

Topic 3: Task Management

Topic 4: Shadow Key

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