Tips and Tricks for PowerPoint Presentations with Panache
(DECKS, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)


This engaging one-day course will guide participants through all the elements to creating a powerful PowerPoint Presentation. It will look at how to plan, organize and structure a presentation, how to write clearly, use images and sounds for best effect, and choose the right bells and whistles that PowerPoint has to offer.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 29 to Jan 29, 2018$550/person Feb 26 to Feb 26, 2018$550/person Mar 26 to Mar 26, 2018$550/person


Presentation Basics
What is the Purpose of Your Presentation?
Who is Your Audience?
Planning a Presentation: content, structure, length, timing
PowerPoint and the MS Office Family
Watch Outs!
The Structure, Look and Feel
Choosing or Creating a Template
Outlining the Presentation Structure
Defining Deck and Section Headings
Delineating Content
Choosing Visual Elements
Common Mistakes
Reviewing the “Look and Feel”
The Content
Using the Deck Structure to Organize Your Thoughts
Using Graphs and Images for Impact
Breaking Down Complex Information for Clarity
Presenting Complex Information
When to Use the Fun Stuff: Animation, Transitions, Timing, and Auto-play
Using Notes
Editing and Reviewing
Edit, then Edit Some More
Active Voice versus Passive Voice
Reworking Sentences for Simplicity
Spelling, Grammar, Jargon
Checklist for Revision
Troubleshooting Common PowerPoint Problems
Practice Makes Perfect
The Value of Peer Review
Timing Your Presentation
Tips for Public Speaking
Just Do It