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1. Title

  • Customer Service and Troubleshooting Skills for ITIL Based Service Desks (DESKITIL, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous Service Desk Experience

3. Target Audience

  • Service desk professionals who want to improve their customer service and troubleshooting skills

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,675.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introducing Customer Service

Topic 1: Common Mistakes in Providing Customer Service

Topic 2: Developing a Customer Focussed Philosophy

Topic 3: Who are our Clients?

Topic 4: Internal Clients versus External Clients

Topic 5: What goes into Good Customer Service?

Topic 6: The Cost of Bad Customer Service

Module 2: Understanding Personality Types

Topic 1: Towards a Common Vision

Topic 2: Understanding Yourself: Personality Types

Topic 3: Understanding our Assets: Knowledge and Skills

Topic 4: Rewards and Consequences

Module 3: Essential Skills for Customer Service

Topic 1: Emotional Management

Topic 2: How to Provide Service

Topic 3: The Art of Communication and the Sharing of Knowledge

Topic 4: Challenges of a Multicultural and Multilingual Workplace

Topic 5: The Keys to Effective Team Work

Module 4: Strategies

Topic 1: Striking a Balance between Operations and Management

Topic 2: About Managing Stress

Topic 3: About Managing Time

Topic 4: Striking a Balance in your Personal and Professional Life

Module 5: Dealing with Difficult Clients

Topic 1: About Conflict

Topic 2: The Categories of Conflict

Topic 3: Managing Anger

Topic 4: Managing Difficult Behaviours

Topic 5: Mastering the Difficult Client

Topic 6: Concrete Techniques for Managing Difficult Behaviours

Module 6: Essential ITIL Concepts for IT Professionals

Topic 1: Core Definitions

Topic 2: The ITIL Lifecycle

Topic 3: Integrating Processes, Products, People and Partners

Topic 4: The Service Desk and its Responsibilities

Topic 5: How to Manage Incidents

Topic 6: When an Incident becomes a Problem

Topic 7: How to Manage Problems

Topic 8: About Service Provision and Improvement

Topic 9: The Art of Troubleshooting

Module 7: Standards in Practice

Topic 1: About Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Topic 2: Understanding the Role of a SLA

Topic 3: A Discussion on Service Quality

Topic 4: How to Continually Improve Service Quality

Module 8: The Art of Troubleshooting

Topic 1: Troubleshooting from the Ground Up

Topic 2: Popular Troubleshooting Methodologies

Topic 3: Differentiating Symptoms and Causes

Topic 4: Generating Potential Solutions

Topic 5: Choosing a Solution and Planning its Implementation

Topic 6: Implementing a Solution

Topic 7: Tracking the Solution’s Effectiveness

Topic 8: Lessons Learned

Topic 9: A Practical Troubleshooting Lab

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