Digital Marketing for Everyone: Designing, Implementing and Executing a Strategy
(DIGIB, Live Instructor-Led Training, 3 days)


Want to know how to boost your business through a bigger and sharper online presence? Are you new to the world of social media or overwhelmed with all the different options? Confused as to which would best fit your enterprise? In this introductory course, participants will develop a strong understanding of the current and evolving world of social media analyze online trends to focus on their market and products, and build their own digital roadmap - to identify what information they need to get to where they want to go.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 17 to Jan 19, 2018$1,675/person Feb 14 to Feb 16, 2018$1,675/person Mar 14 to Mar 16, 2018$1,675/person


What is a digital marketing strategy for business?
The Search Landscape
Overview of Working Strategies
Setting Realistic Goals for Digital Marketing
Exploring Google?s Ranking Factors
The Power of Authority, Trust and Relevance
What about Social Media?
A Powerful Combination: Organic and PPC
Digital Media - the good, the bad, and the brave new world
Understand your Business and your Goals
Start with a User-Friendly Web Site
The Critical Importance of Mobile
What about Social Media Options
Assessing Organizational Readiness
Setting Budgets
Analytics and Metrics - how to measure what you need to know
Connecting to Analytics
Using Primary Views
Creating Targets
Analyzing Behavioral Patterns
Analyzing User Profiles
Using Dashboards
Using Analytics to Monitor Progress
An Introduction to AdWords
Building your business - digital roadmap
Creating a Digital Marketing Plan
Setting Objectives, KPIs and Milestones
Monitoring Progress towards your Goals
Implementing Continual Improvement
Best Practices and Pitfalls
Batten down the Hatches
Essential Security Concepts
Securing your Web Presence
Protecting against Malware and Viruses
Protecting against Ransomware
Exploring an IT Security Policy
Designing and Implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy