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I really liked the fact that we could follow using the manual PDF files on our individual machines. This allowed to easily/quickly scroll back/forth the slides without having to interrupt the class to ask to go back to certain slides when needing to review something. This also allowed to easily search within the manual for specific keywords while doing exercises
Comment from Mitel

1. Title

  • Mastering Docker: The Complete Implementation Course (DOCK, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous system administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn how to implement application containers using Docker

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1:  Introduction to Docker

Topic 1: What is Docker and what Problems does it Solve?

Topic 2: Where and when should I use Docker?

Topic 3: Docker versus Application Virtualization: A Key Difference

Topic 4: The Docker Application Execution Workflow

Topic 5: Building a Web Site Monitor

Topic 6: Exploring the PID Namespace

Topic 7: Eliminating Meta-conflicts

Topic 8: Building Environment Agnostic Systems

Topic 9: Building Durable Containers

Module 2:  About Software Installation

Topic 1: About Software Identification

Topic 2: Finding and Installing Software

Topic 3: Installation Files and Isolation

Topic 4: Pros and Cons of Union File Systems

Module 3:  Persistent Storage and Shared State with Volumes

Topic 1: Exploring Volumes

Topic 2: About Volume Types

Topic 3: Sharing Volumes

Topic 4: The Managed Volume Lifecycle

Topic 5: Advanced Container Patterns with Volumes

Module 4:  Networking

Topic 1: The Network Ecosystem

Topic 2: Docker Container Networking

Topic 3: Closed Containers

Topic 4: Bridged Containers

Topic 5: Joined Containers

Topic 6: Open Containers

Topic 7: Inter-Container Dependencies

Module 5:  Implementing Isolation

Topic 1: Exploring Resource Allowances

Topic 2: Managing Shared Memory

Topic 3: About Users

Topic 4: Adjusting OS Features Access with Capabilities

Topic 5: Running a Container with Full Privileges

Topic 6: Enhanced Tools

Topic 7: Exploring Concrete Use Cases

Module 6:  Packaging Software in Images

Topic 1: Building Docker Images from a Container

Topic 2: Docker Images and Layers

Topic 3: Working with Flat File Systems

Topic 4: Managing Versioning

Module 7:  Build Automation and Advanced Imaging

Topic 1: Exploring Dockerfile

Topic 2: Pakaging Git with a Dockerfile

Topic 3: Injecting Downstream Build-Time Behaviour

Topic 4: Working with Startup Scripts

Topic 5: Working with Multiprocess Containers

Topic 6: Application Image Hardening

Module 8:  Public and Private Software Distribution

Topic 1: Choosing a Distribution Method

Topic 2: Publishing with Hosted Registries

Topic 3: Exploring Private Registries

Topic 4: Manual Image Publishing and Distribution

Topic 5: Image Source Distribution Workflows

Module 9:  Running Customized Registries

Topic 1: Running a Personal Registry

Topic 2: Enhancements for Centralized Registries

Topic 3: Durable BLOB Storage

Topic 4: Scaling Access and Latency Improvements

Topic 5: Integrating through Notifications

Module 10:  Docker Compose

Topic 1: Working with Docker Compose

Topic 2: Iterating within an Environment

Topic 3: Starting a New Project

Module 11:  Clusters and Swarms

Topic 1: Exploring Docker Machine

Topic 2: Exploring Docker Swarm

Topic 3: Swarm Scheduling

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