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Great material that I can take back to the workplace. Good case and exercises. Monitor setup is good and easy to follow.
Comment from Giant Tiger

1. Title

  • Mastering Docker: The Complete Implementation Course (DOCK, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous system administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn how to implement application containers using Docker

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1:  Introduction to Docker

Topic 1: What is Docker and what Problems does it Solve?

Topic 2: Where and when should I use Docker?

Topic 3: Docker versus Application Virtualization: A Key Difference

Topic 4: The Docker Application Execution Workflow

Topic 5: Building a Web Site Monitor

Topic 6: Exploring the PID Namespace

Topic 7: Eliminating Meta-conflicts

Topic 8: Building Environment Agnostic Systems

Topic 9: Building Durable Containers

Module 2:  About Software Installation

Topic 1: About Software Identification

Topic 2: Finding and Installing Software

Topic 3: Installation Files and Isolation

Topic 4: Pros and Cons of Union File Systems

Module 3:  Persistent Storage and Shared State with Volumes

Topic 1: Exploring Volumes

Topic 2: About Volume Types

Topic 3: Sharing Volumes

Topic 4: The Managed Volume Lifecycle

Topic 5: Advanced Container Patterns with Volumes

Module 4:  Networking

Topic 1: The Network Ecosystem

Topic 2: Docker Container Networking

Topic 3: Closed Containers

Topic 4: Bridged Containers

Topic 5: Joined Containers

Topic 6: Open Containers

Topic 7: Inter-Container Dependencies

Module 5:  Implementing Isolation

Topic 1: Exploring Resource Allowances

Topic 2: Managing Shared Memory

Topic 3: About Users

Topic 4: Adjusting OS Features Access with Capabilities

Topic 5: Running a Container with Full Privileges

Topic 6: Enhanced Tools

Topic 7: Exploring Concrete Use Cases

Module 6:  Packaging Software in Images

Topic 1: Building Docker Images from a Container

Topic 2: Docker Images and Layers

Topic 3: Working with Flat File Systems

Topic 4: Managing Versioning

Module 7:  Build Automation and Advanced Imaging

Topic 1: Exploring Dockerfile

Topic 2: Pakaging Git with a Dockerfile

Topic 3: Injecting Downstream Build-Time Behaviour

Topic 4: Working with Startup Scripts

Topic 5: Working with Multiprocess Containers

Topic 6: Application Image Hardening

Module 8:  Public and Private Software Distribution

Topic 1: Choosing a Distribution Method

Topic 2: Publishing with Hosted Registries

Topic 3: Exploring Private Registries

Topic 4: Manual Image Publishing and Distribution

Topic 5: Image Source Distribution Workflows

Module 9:  Running Customized Registries

Topic 1: Running a Personal Registry

Topic 2: Enhancements for Centralized Registries

Topic 3: Durable BLOB Storage

Topic 4: Scaling Access and Latency Improvements

Topic 5: Integrating through Notifications

Module 10:  Docker Compose

Topic 1: Working with Docker Compose

Topic 2: Iterating within an Environment

Topic 3: Starting a New Project

Module 11:  Clusters and Swarms

Topic 1: Exploring Docker Machine

Topic 2: Exploring Docker Swarm

Topic 3: Swarm Scheduling

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