Advanced Microsoft Excel: Mastering Task Automation
(EXCADV, Live Instructor-Led Training, 3 days)


This SETC certified course provides business participants with the skills they need to automate almost any business task using Microsoft Excel. Starting with a review of essential concepts in data analysis using Microsoft Excel, the course quickly proceeds to a complete and in depth study of macros and VBA development. The course covers every aspect of VBA development including the Excel object model, looping, functions, conditional logic and database access amongst others. If you need to use Microsoft Excel to automate your business tasks, this SETC certified course will teach you the skills you need. SETC Training - Formation SETC provides advanced Microsoft Excel training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Calgary.

Dates and Pricing

2 People for Delivery $1,675/person


Working with Data
Creating the Reference Data
About Working with Data Types
Importing Data from Other Sources
Filtering and Sorting Data
Using Excel Functions and Worksheets to Build Summary Data Sheets
Using Advanced Functions
Creating Custom Functions
Working with Functions
Overview of Available Functions
Working with Logical Functions: And. Or, Not and More
Working with Conditional Functions: IF, AVERAGEIF and More
Working with Text Functions: FIND, LEN, TRIM and More
Working with Lookup Functions: LOOKUP, VLOOKUP and More
Other Useful Functions
Reviewing Macros
Reviewing Relative and Absolute References
Planning a Macro Recording
Understanding the Generated Code
Modifying the Generated Code
Creating a Custom Macro from Scratch
Debugging Macros and Code
Programming Essentials for Excel
Mastering Data Types and Variables
Mastering Conditional Logic
Mastering Looping and Repeating Structures
Working with Functions in Code
Understanding Function Parameters
Working with Objects in Excel
Object Fundamentals: Objects, Properties and Methods
About Working with Objects and Variables
Understanding Object Collections and Excel
Working with the Excel Object Model
Working with Workbooks in Code
Working with Worksheets in Code
Working with Cells in Code
About Referencing Cells
Component Programming
About COM and .NET: Interacting with Other Data Sources
Saving Data in a Database using Excel
Saving Data in a non-Excel File using Excel
Automating Word from Excel
If Time Permits – Building Data Forms
Automating Tasks
The Art of Task Automation in Excel: Why Anything can be Automated
Automating Data Retrieval, Import and Export Tasks
Automating Data Cleanup Tasks
Automating Formatting and Data Conversion Tasks
Automating Presentation Tasks: Graphs and Charts
Real World Automation: A Complete Lab