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Microsoft Excel Training

Good location and good computer setup so we can see the instructor s screen at our own desk computer. Front desk staff is very friendly. Nice training environment.
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1. Title

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel: Mastering Task Automation (EXCADV, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel

3. Target Audience

  • Business Professionals who want to learn how to automate business tasks using Microsoft Excel.

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,675.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Working with Data

Topic 1: Creating the Reference Data

Topic 2: About Working with Data Types

Topic 3: Importing Data from Other Sources

Topic 4: Filtering and Sorting Data

Topic 5: Using Excel Functions and Worksheets to Build Summary Data Sheets

Topic 6: Using Advanced Functions

Topic 7: Creating Custom Functions

Module 2: Working with Functions

Topic 1: Overview of Available Functions

Topic 2: Working with Logical Functions: And. Or, Not and More

Topic 3: Working with Conditional Functions: IF, AVERAGEIF and More

Topic 4: Working with Text Functions: FIND, LEN, TRIM and More

Topic 5: Working with Lookup Functions: LOOKUP, VLOOKUP and More

Topic 6: Other Useful Functions

Module 3: Reviewing Macros

Topic 1: Reviewing Relative and Absolute References

Topic 2: Planning a Macro Recording

Topic 3: Understanding the Generated Code

Topic 4: Modifying the Generated Code

Topic 5: Creating a Custom Macro from Scratch

Topic 6: Debugging Macros and Code

Module 4: Programming Essentials for Excel

Topic 1: Mastering Data Types and Variables

Topic 2: Mastering Conditional Logic

Topic 3: Mastering Looping and Repeating Structures

Topic 4: Working with Functions in Code

Topic 5: Understanding Function Parameters

Module 5: Working with Objects in Excel

Topic 1: Object Fundamentals: Objects, Properties and Methods

Topic 2: About Working with Objects and Variables

Topic 3: Understanding Object Collections and Excel

Topic 4: Working with the Excel Object Model

Topic 5: Working with Workbooks in Code

Topic 6: Working with Worksheets in Code

Topic 7: Working with Cells in Code

Topic 8: About Referencing Cells

Module 6: Component Programming

Topic 1: About COM and .NET: Interacting with Other Data Sources

Topic 2: Saving Data in a Database using Excel

Topic 3: Saving Data in a non-Excel File using Excel

Topic 4: Automating Word from Excel

Topic 5: If Time Permits – Building Data Forms

Module 7: Automating Tasks

Topic 1: The Art of Task Automation in Excel: Why Anything can be Automated

Topic 2: Automating Data Retrieval, Import and Export Tasks

Topic 3: Automating Data Cleanup Tasks

Topic 4: Automating Formatting and Data Conversion Tasks

Topic 5: Automating Presentation Tasks: Graphs and Charts

Module 8: Real World Automation: A Complete Lab

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