Microsoft Excel Level 1: Mastering Cells, Workbooks and Graphs
(EXCBAS, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

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Introduction to Microsoft Excel
The Major Elements of Excel: Workbooks, Worksheets and Cells
Identifying and Referencing Cells
Working with Cells, Rows and Columns
Working with Multiple Cells
Adding and Removing Cells, Rows and Columns
Naming Cells and Cell Ranges
Naming Worksheets
Adding and Removing Worksheets
Setting Project Information
Saving and Opening Workbooks
Exercise: Working with Cells and Workbooks
Working with Cell Contents
Entering Numeric Cell Data
Modifying Cell Data
Formatting Numbers: Integers, Decimals, Currency and Percentages
Entering Textual Cell Data
Formatting Textual Data: Font, Size, Weight and Presentation
Working with Dates
Working with Currencies
Creating Custom Formats
Working with Auto-Fill
Creating Custom Auto-Fill Data Sets
Exercise: Adding Content to a Excel Worksheet
Formatting Cells
General Principles of Cell Formatting
Formatting Cells for Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
Formatting Cells for Fill Pattern and Colour
Formatting Cells for Border Style and Thickness
Formatting Cells for Text Behaviour: Wrap and Continue
Working with Multiple Workbooks
Enabling and Disabling Cell Protection
Exercise: Formatting Data for Presentation Purposes
Working with Formulas
The Anatomy of an Excel Function: Parameters and Return Values
Referencing Cells: The Magic of Relative References
Using Absolute References to Pin Down Cell References
Using Named Cells to Pin Down Cell References
Using Arithmetic Operators: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Introduction to Statistical Functions: Count, Average and Median (And maybe variance)
Introduction to Financial Functions: Payments and their Characteristics
Exercise: Creating a Data Summary Sheet with Excel Functions
Business Graphics
Setting Up the Worksheet
Choosing the Right Type of Graph
Creating the Graph
Modifying the Axis Labels
Modifying the Title
Modifying the Legend
Changing the Graph Type
Exercise: Creating a Presentation Graphic with Impact