Intermediate Microsoft Excel for Business Users
(EXCINT, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)


This SETC certified course provides business participants with the skills they need to organize, analyze, validate and present corporate data using Microsoft Excel. Starting with the essential concepts of data layout in Microsoft Excel, the course introduces participants to the use of both basic and advanced functions. This is following by a detailed discussion of PivotTables, chart development and a comprehensive introduction to Macro development. If you need to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data, this SETC certified course will teach you the skills you need. SETC Training - Formation SETC provides advanced Microsoft Excel training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Calgary.

Dates and Pricing

2 People for Delivery $1,150/person


Review of Essential Concepts
Working with Absolute and Relative References
Working with Multiple Worksheets
Working with Advanced Functions
Working with Dates and Times
Customizing your Environment
Importing Data from External Sources
Excel Security
Working with Data
The Mechanics of AutoFill
Creating a Data Series
Creating a Data List
Creating a Named Range
Implementing Sorting, Filtering and Searching
Creating a Graph for Impact
Working with Formulas
About Complex Function Syntax
Using Functions to Summarize Data
Using Conditional Functions to Implement Advanced Analysis
Working with Functions and Dates
Implementing your Own Functions using VB
Working with Pivot Tables
Working with Pivot Tables
Creating a Pivot Table
Pivot Table Options
Advanced Pivot Table Options
Pivot Tables and Custom Functions
Working with PivotChart
Macros Part I: Creating Basic Macros
Preparing to Record a Macro: Absolute and Relative Mode
Recording a Macro
Testing the Macro
Understanding the Code
Macros Part II: Modifying Macros
Working with Variables
Working with Cells
Working with Conditional Statements
Creating Support Functions
Modifying a Recorded Macro
If Time Permits - Advanced Macro Development