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Microsoft Excel Training

The course was very helpful for my career. It opened up my eyes on how the web has evolved. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.
Comment from Canada Revenue Agency

1. Title

  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel for Business Users (EXCINT, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience using Microsoft Excel

3. Target Audience

  • Business Professionals who want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel for advanced data analysis

4. Dates and Pricing

Jun 19 to Jun 20, 2017$1,150.00/person
Sep 5 to Sep 6, 2017$1,150.00/person
Nov 30 to Dec 1, 2017$1,150.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Review of Essential Concepts

Topic 1: Working with Absolute and Relative References

Topic 2: Working with Multiple Worksheets

Topic 3: Working with Advanced Functions

Topic 4: Working with Dates and Times

Topic 5: Customizing your Environment

Topic 6: Importing Data from External Sources

Topic 7: Excel Security

Module 2: Working with Data

Topic 1: The Mechanics of AutoFill

Topic 2: Creating a Data Series

Topic 3: Creating a Data List

Topic 4: Creating a Named Range

Topic 5: Implementing Sorting, Filtering and Searching

Topic 6: Creating a Graph for Impact

Module 3: Working with Formulas

Topic 1: About Complex Function Syntax

Topic 2: Using Functions to Summarize Data

Topic 3: Using Conditional Functions to Implement Advanced Analysis

Topic 4: Working with Functions and Dates

Topic 5: Implementing your Own Functions using VB

Module 4: Working with Pivot Tables

Topic 1: Working with Pivot Tables

Topic 2: Creating a Pivot Table

Topic 3: Pivot Table Options

Topic 4: Advanced Pivot Table Options

Topic 5: Pivot Tables and Custom Functions

Topic 6: Working with PivotChart

Module 5: Macros Part I: Creating Basic Macros

Topic 1: Preparing to Record a Macro: Absolute and Relative Mode

Topic 2: Recording a Macro

Topic 3: Testing the Macro

Topic 4: Understanding the Code

Module 6: Macros Part II: Modifying Macros

Topic 1: Working with Variables

Topic 2: Working with Cells

Topic 3: Working with Conditional Statements

Topic 4: Creating Support Functions

Topic 5: Modifying a Recorded Macro

Topic 6: If Time Permits - Advanced Macro Development

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