Accounting and Finance for Mere Mortals: Simplifying Capital and Budgets
(FINMM, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 29 to Jan 30, 2018$1,150/person Feb 26 to Feb 27, 2018$1,150/person Mar 26 to Mar 27, 2018$1,150/person


The Basics
Interest Rates and Payments
About the Time Value of Money
The Importance of the Cost of Capital
Defining Opportunity Cost and Sunk Costs
Making Payments: Calculating the Payments
Beyond the Obvious: Making Good Financial Decisions
Exploring the Time-Value of Money
Concepts and Terminology
Estimating the Discount Rate Reasonably
Calculating Future Value
About the Payback Period and the Discounted Payback Period
Calculating Net Present Value
Calculating Internal Rate of Return
Making Decisions Based on NPV and IRR
Dealing with Conflicts between IRR and NPV
The Multiple IRR Problem
The No IRR Problem
Exploring the Cost of Capital
Defining the Cost of Capital
About Taxes and the Cost of Capital
Weights of the Weighted Average
The Cost of Different Sources of Capital
About Cost of Capital Estimation
Choosing between Sources of Capital
Mastering Capital Budgeting
Capital Budgeting and Cash Flows
Estimating the Discount Rate
Determining Cash Flows for the Project
Establishing the Viability of a New Project
Establishing the Viability of a Replacement Project
Determining the Value of Real Options
(Optional) Alternative Valuation Methods: EI, EP and More