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Testing and QA Management Training

I very much enjoyed the quality and expertise of the instructor.
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • Mastering HP ALM®: A Complete Course for IT Professionals (HPALM, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a testing role

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to use HPALM as their Lifecycle management tool

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,350.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction to HP ALM®

Topic 1: What is HP ALM®?

Topic 2: Exploring ALM® Tools and Features

Topic 3: About HP ALM® in a Lifecycle Environment

Topic 4: Preparing the Environment

Topic 5: Installing HP ALM®

Topic 6: Installing HP ALM® Clients

Topic 7: Migrating from Previous Versions

Module 2: Working with Releases

Topic 1: The Application Life Cycle Management Process

Topic 2: About Releases and Cycles

Topic 3: Working with Release Trees

Topic 4: Requirements, Releases and Cycles

Module 3: Working with Requirements

Topic 1: Requirements Module

Topic 2: About the Requirements Gathering Process

Topic 3: About Requirement Types

Topic 4: Documenting Requirements

Topic 5: Working with Requirements

Topic 6: Building a Requirements Tree

Topic 7: Viewing, Modifying and Converting Requirements

Topic 8: About Requirements and Releases

Topic 9: About Requirements Traceability

Topic 10: About Requirements and Risks

Topic 11: Working with Cycles: Monitoring and Tracking Progress

Module 4: Domains and Projects

Topic 1: HP ALM® Overview

Topic 2: Creating Domains and Projects

Topic 3: Enabling Versioning

Topic 4: Creating and Managing Users

Module 5: Testing Fundamentals

Topic 1: Test Plans

Topic 2: Test Plan Module

Topic 3: About Creating Tests

Topic 4: Working with Test Parameters

Topic 5: Working with Test Scripts

Topic 6: Linking Tests to Requirements

Topic 7: Displaying Test Coverage Analysis Graphs

Module 6: Executing Tests

Topic 1: Working with Test Sets

Topic 2: Working with Tests

Topic 3: Automatic versus Manual Tests

Topic 4: Working with Test Results

Module 7: Mastering Version Control

Topic 1: The Need for Version Control

Topic 2: About Check-In and Check-Out

Topic 3: Defining Libraries and Baselines

Module 8: Working with Defects

Topic 1: Defect Logging

Topic 2: Defect Retrieval and Analysis

Topic 3: Defect Association/ Link

Module 9: Customizing the Environment

Topic 1: General Admin Tools and Help Functions

Topic 2: Customising Users and Groups

Topic 3: Customising Entities

Topic 4: Customising Lookup Lists

Module 10: Troubleshooting Common HP ALM Issues

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