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HTML and HTML5 Training

On behalf of the section here at CBSA I would like to thank you for putting in that extra effort to ensure that the course was a resounding success. Your concern for the participants getting the most out of the course was self-evident and very much appreciated. The participants found the extra day of lab time very worthwhile
Comment from CBSA

1. Title

  • Professional HTML 5.0: A Complete Migration Course (HTML5, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous web development experience

3. Target Audience

  • Web developers who want to use HTML 5.0 to its full potential

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction HTML5

Topic 1: The need for HTML5

Topic 2: The Semantic Web

Topic 3: Overview of new features

Topic 4: HTML5 and Accessibility

Topic 5: Elements removed from HTML5

Topic 6: HTML5 and XHTML5

Topic 7: Differences from HTML 4.01

Topic 8: Differences from XHTML 1.1

Topic 9: HTML5 and browser support

Module 2: Getting Started

Topic 1: Creating a HTML5 page

Topic 2: The Document Object

Topic 3: Common Attributes

Topic 4: Adding interaction

Module 3: Existing Tags with New Meaning

Topic 1: a

Topic 2: address

Topic 3: b, i, ul and s

Topic 4: strong and small

Topic 5: cite

Topic 6: dl

Topic 7: head

Topic 8: hr

Topic 9: label

Topic 10: menu

Topic 11: Deprecated Elements

Module 4: New HTML5 tags

Topic 1: section

Topic 2: article and aside

Topic 3: hgroup, header and footer

Topic 4: figure

Topic 5: mark

Topic 6: time

Topic 7: ruby, rt and rp

Topic 8: bdi

Topic 9: wbr

Topic 10: ins and del

Module 5: HTML5 Forms and Interactive Elements

Topic 1: The New input Types

Topic 2: datalist and keygen

Topic 3: output, progress and meter

Topic 4: nav, menu and command

Topic 5: details

Topic 6: Changes to the accesskey attribute

Topic 7: New Link Types

Module 6: Delving Deeper

Topic 1: Understanding the Terminology

Topic 2: Resources

Topic 3: XML and DOM

Topic 4: Plugins

Module 7: Audio and Video Playback

Topic 1: Using audio and video assets

Topic 2: About file format

Topic 3: The audio element

Topic 4: The video element

Topic 5: Using the track element

Module 8: Using MathML

Topic 1: Understanding MathML

Topic 2: Embedding MathML in HTML5

Topic 3: Using Presentation MathML

Topic 4: Using Content MathML

Module 9: Scalable Vector Graphics

Topic 1: Overview of SVG

Topic 2: Embedding SVG in HTML5

Topic 3: Creating Simple Shapes

Topic 4: Adding Animation

Module 10: The Canvas Element

Topic 1: Understanding the Canvas element

Topic 2: Using the Canvas

Topic 3: Using Context 2D

Topic 4: Adding Interaction

Topic 5: Overview of WebGL

Module 11: WebSocket

Topic 1: Overview of the new WebSocket

Topic 2: Creating a socket

Topic 3: Sending a request

Topic 4: Processing a response

Topic 5: Dealing with failures

Module 12: Local Storage

Topic 1: Local Storage overview

Topic 2: Difference between Cookies and Local Storage

Topic 3: Storing and Retrieving Data

Topic 4: Storage Events

Topic 5: Overview of Web SQL Database

Topic 6: Overview of Microdata

Module 13: Mobile HTML5

Topic 1: Overview of Mobile HTML5

Topic 2: Mobile Device Support

Topic 3: Offline Support

Topic 4: Multimedia

Topic 5: GeoLocation API

Module 14: Overview of CSS3

Topic 1: Not part of HTML5 but…

Topic 2: New Rules

Topic 3: Browser Support

Topic 4: Speech Support

Topic 5: Web Fonts

Topic 6: Borders and Shadow

Topic 7: Background

Topic 8: Colours

Topic 9: Text Effects

Topic 10: Resize

Topic 11: Multi-column Layout

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