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Cisco Training

I really liked the fact that we could follow using the manual PDF files on our individual machines. This allowed to easily/quickly scroll back/forth the slides without having to interrupt the class to ask to go back to certain slides when needing to review something. This also allowed to easily search within the manual for specific keywords while doing exercises
Comment from Mitel

1. Title

  • CCNA® Preparation Part 1:Inter-Networking Devices Essentials (ICND1C, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a coporate IT environment

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to learn about core networking components

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 10 to Oct 13, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Internetworking Essentials

Topic 1: The Essential Concepts of Internetworking

Topic 2: Internetworking Models

Topic 3: Understanding the Purpose and Usefulness of the OSI Reference Model

Topic 4: About Physical Network Segmentation

Topic 5: About Logical Network Segmentation

Topic 6: Understanding the Topology of a Cisco Based Network

Topic 7: Exam Preparation

Topic 8: Practice Lab

Module 2: Review of Ethernet Networking and Data Encapsulation

Topic 1: Ethernet Networks in Review

Topic 2: Physical Media: Types and Use

Topic 3: Packet Transfer on a Wired Network

Topic 4: Packet Transfer on a Wireless Network

Topic 5: The Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model

Topic 6: The Communication Process: Wireless, LAN and WAN

Topic 7: Exam Preparation

Topic 8: Practice Lab

Module 3: Introduction to TCP/IP: Version 4

Topic 1: Introducing TCP/IP

Topic 2: About TCP/IP Communication

Topic 3: IP Addressing

Topic 4: IPv4 Address Types and Classes

Topic 5: Configuring Network Clients

Topic 6: Configuring Device Interfaces

Topic 7: Understanding DHCP: Role and Function

Topic 8: Understanding DNS: Role and Function

Topic 9: About NAT: Types and Design

Topic 10: Exam Preparation

Topic 11: Practice Lab

Module 4: Sub-netting: Theory and Practice

Topic 1: Reviewing Address Classes

Topic 2: The Basic Communication Process: Logical Segmentation of the Network

Topic 3: The Basics of Sub-netting

Topic 4: Determining Host and Domain Requirements

Topic 5: Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs)

Topic 6: About Summarization

Topic 7: Planning and Designing Networks

Topic 8: About VLANs: Theory and Practice

Topic 9: Exam Preparation

Topic 10: Practice Lab: Designing a TCP/IP based Network

Topic 11: Practice Lab: Troubleshooting TCP/IP

Module 5: Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS)

Topic 1: IOS Components: Interface and Components

Topic 2: Tips and Tricks: AutoComplete and Command Execution

Topic 3: Working with Configuration

Topic 4: Working with Interfaces

Topic 5: Working with Device Features

Topic 6: Exam Preparation

Topic 7: Practice Lab

Module 6: Managing a Cisco Internetwork

Topic 1: The Internal Components of a Cisco Router

Topic 2: The Router Boot Sequence

Topic 3: Managing Configuration Register

Topic 4: Backing Up and Restoring the Cisco IOS

Topic 5: Backing Up and Restoring the Cisco Configuration

Topic 6: Using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Topic 7: Using Telnet

Topic 8: Resolving Hostnames

Topic 9: Checking Network Connectivity and Troubleshooting

Topic 10: Exam Preparation

Topic 11: Practice Lab

Module 7: IP Routing

Topic 1: Routing Basics

Topic 2: The IP Routing Process

Topic 3: Configuring IP Routing in Our Network

Topic 4: Dynamic Routing

Topic 5: Distance-Vector Routing Protocols

Topic 6: Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Topic 7: Verifying Your Configurations

Topic 8: Exam Preparation

Topic 9: Practice Lab

Module 8: Exploring WAN Connectivity

Topic 1: Overview of WAN Technologies

Topic 2: Introduction to Wide Area Networks

Topic 3: Cable and DSL

Topic 4: Cabling the Serial Wide Area Network

Topic 5: High-Level Data-Link Control (HDLC) Protocol

Topic 6: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Topic 7: Frame Relay

Topic 8: Virtual Private Networks

Topic 9: Exam Preparation

Topic 10: Practice Lab

Module 9: Introducing IPv6

Topic 1: IPv6 Addressing Basics

Topic 2: IPv6 Address Types

Topic 3: IPv6 Cisco Requirements

Topic 4: Planning an IPv6 Network

Topic 5: Implementing DHCPv6

Topic 6: Implementing DNSv6

Topic 7: Planning the Network

Topic 8: Implementing the Network

Topic 9: Exam Preparation

Topic 10: Practice Lab

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