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IIS Training

I very much enjoyed the quality and expertise of the instructor.
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • Advanced IIS 8.5: Professional Web Farm Configuration and Management (IISAD, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good knowledge of IIS architecture and basic administration

3. Target Audience

  • Professional administrators who want to learn how to implement a web farm with IIS

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 5 to Sep 8, 2017$3,350.00/person
Nov 21 to Nov 24, 2017$3,350.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: IIS Fundamentals Reviewed

Topic 1: Exploring IIS Architecture

Topic 2: About IIS and .NET Integration

Topic 3: About ASP .NET and IIS

Topic 4: Understanding .NET Configuration Files

Topic 5: The IIS Architecture: Web Sites, Application Pools and Pipelines

Topic 6: Creating and Configuring Application Pools

Topic 7: Creating and Configuring Web Sites

Topic 8: Configuring Basic Security

Module 2: Advanced IIS

Topic 1: Working with ASP .NET Applications and Services

Topic 2: Working with Modules and Libraries

Topic 3: Setting up for Remote Administration

Topic 4: Setting up a Remote Configuration File

Topic 5: More about Configuration Inheritance

Topic 6: Exploring Advanced Configuration Settings

Module 3: Planning a Web Farm

Topic 1: Options for Building a Web Farm

Topic 2: Planning Overview

Topic 3: Planning Infrastructure

Topic 4: Planning Configuration

Topic 5: Planning Load Balancing

Topic 6: Planning SSL Certificate Store

Topic 7: Planning Application Deployment

Module 4: Implementing a Web Farm

Topic 1: Implementation Overview

Topic 2: Installing Web Farm Infrastructure: IIS and ARR

Topic 3: Configuring IIS Web Farm Servers

Topic 4: Configuring IIS Web Farm Load Balancing

Topic 5: Configuring SSL Central Certificate Store

Topic 6: Configuring Application Deployment

Module 5: Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Topic 1: Implementing Application Monitoring

Topic 2: A Note on Troubleshooting Methodology

Topic 3: Testing Failover and Load Balancing

Topic 4: Common Operational Issues and Solutions

Module 6: Introduction to PowerShell

Topic 1: The PowerShell Environment

Topic 2: Adding External Libraries

Topic 3: About Execution Scope and Mode

Topic 4: Working with Variables

Topic 5: Working with Conditional Structures

Topic 6: Working with Logical Operators

Topic 7: Working with Repeating Structures

Topic 8: Dealing with Errors

Module 7: PowerShell and IIS 8.5

Topic 1: Overview of IIS cmdlets

Topic 2: Related Computer Commands

Topic 3: Installation Commands

Topic 4: Configuration Commands

Topic 5: Backup and Restore Commands

Topic 6: Monitoring Commands

Topic 7: Other Commands

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