Advanced IIS 8.5: Professional Web Farm Configuration and Management
(IISAD, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2018$3,000/person Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2018$3,000/person Mar 27 to Mar 30, 2018$3,000/person


IIS Fundamentals Reviewed
Exploring IIS Architecture
About IIS and .NET Integration
About ASP .NET and IIS
Understanding .NET Configuration Files
The IIS Architecture: Web Sites, Application Pools and Pipelines
Creating and Configuring Application Pools
Creating and Configuring Web Sites
Configuring Basic Security
Advanced IIS
Working with ASP .NET Applications and Services
Working with Modules and Libraries
Setting up for Remote Administration
Setting up a Remote Configuration File
More about Configuration Inheritance
Exploring Advanced Configuration Settings
Planning a Web Farm
Options for Building a Web Farm
Planning Overview
Planning Infrastructure
Planning Configuration
Planning Load Balancing
Planning SSL Certificate Store
Planning Application Deployment
Implementing a Web Farm
Implementation Overview
Installing Web Farm Infrastructure: IIS and ARR
Configuring IIS Web Farm Servers
Configuring IIS Web Farm Load Balancing
Configuring SSL Central Certificate Store
Configuring Application Deployment
Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Implementing Application Monitoring
A Note on Troubleshooting Methodology
Testing Failover and Load Balancing
Common Operational Issues and Solutions
Introduction to PowerShell
The PowerShell Environment
Adding External Libraries
About Execution Scope and Mode
Working with Variables
Working with Conditional Structures
Working with Logical Operators
Working with Repeating Structures
Dealing with Errors
PowerShell and IIS 8.5
Overview of IIS cmdlets
Related Computer Commands
Installation Commands
Configuration Commands
Backup and Restore Commands
Monitoring Commands
Other Commands