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HTML and HTML5 Training

On behalf of the section here at CBSA I would like to thank you for putting in that extra effort to ensure that the course was a resounding success. Your concern for the participants getting the most out of the course was self-evident and very much appreciated. The participants found the extra day of lab time very worthwhile
Comment from CBSA

1. Title

  • Professional Java Script Development for Apple Devices (IOSDEVJS, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript development and previous IOs Development experiuence

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developers who want to develop IOs based Applications using JavaScript

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction to HTML5 development for IOS

Topic 1: Overview of development for IOS

Topic 2: HTM5 vs native application

Topic 3: Pure HTML5 vs WebKit HTML5

Topic 4: Compatibility fallbacks

Topic 5: Online Documentation

Module 2: Structuring the Application

Topic 1: Overview of an IOS application

Topic 2: The HTML page

Topic 3: CSS layout

Topic 4: Dealing with screen size, orientation and ratio

Topic 5: Handling automatic screen resize and rotation

Topic 6: Managing zoom and browser decorations

Topic 7: Controlling Webkit features

Module 3: DOM Manipulation

Topic 1: Understanding DOM manipulation

Topic 2: The standard DOM API

Topic 3: DOM event overview

Topic 4: Using WebKit events

Module 4: Managing Mobile Events

Topic 1: Understanding IOS events

Topic 2: Touch, multi-touch and gestures

Topic 3: Touch vs Click

Topic 4: Best practices

Module 5: CSS3 and WebKit

Topic 1: CSS3 introduction

Topic 2: Finding Elements

Topic 3: The new CSS3 rules

Topic 4: WebKit extensions

Topic 5: Fallbacks

Module 6: Animation

Topic 1: Understanding animations

Topic 2: JavaScript vs CSS animation

Topic 3: Using WebKit animations

Topic 4: Using WebKit transformations

Module 7: Google Closure Tools

Topic 1: Understanding Google Closure

Topic 2: Optimizing JavaScript code

Topic 3: Verify JavaScript style

Topic 4: Using the Closure JavaScript library

Topic 5: Templating pages with Closure

Topic 6: Closure CSS extensions

Module 8: Backbone.js

Topic 1: The need for Backbone.js

Topic 2: Creating models

Topic 3: Using the Backbone.js events

Topic 4: Connecting models to the view

Topic 5: Working with collections

Topic 6: Communicating with the server

Module 9: Node.js

Topic 1: Understanding node.js

Topic 2: Creating a simple HTTP server

Topic 3: Responding to events

Topic 4: Working with files and streams

Topic 5: Deploying a node.js application

Module 10: Calling Objective-C Code from JavaScript

Topic 1: Understanding native code vs JavaScript

Topic 2: Creating a sample Objective-C object

Topic 3: Calling an Objective-C method from JavaScript

Topic 4: Using the object from JavaScript

Topic 5: Best practices

Module 11: Debugging and Performance Tuning

Topic 1: Tools of the trade

Topic 2: Debugging an application

Topic 3: Testing the performance

Topic 4: Testing for compatibility

Topic 5: Performance tuning

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