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Had a great time and learned a lot, as I always do with your courses.
Comment from Employment and Social Development Canada

1. Title

  • Creating Professional Business Process Solutions with SharePoint Designer and InfoPath (IPDESIGN, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous SharePoint Experience

3. Target Audience

  • SharePoint professionals who want to learn how to develop custom workflow solutions and InfoPath forms for electronic forms processing

4. Dates and Pricing

May 30 to Jun 2, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Understanding the SharePoint Context

Topic 1: Understanding the SharePoint Security Model

Topic 2: Understanding the Nature of SharePoint Lists and Libraries

Topic 3: Creating Lists from Scratch: Custom Columns and Metadata

Topic 4: Working with and Creating Custom Views

Topic 5: Working with External Data

Topic 6: Working with and Creating Custom Content Types and Columns

Topic 7: Creating Document Libraries

Topic 8: About Document Libraries and Document Versioning

Topic 9: Creating and Managing Document Metadata

Topic 10: Working with the Metadata Service

Topic 11: Advanced Publishing Example: Creating Workflows

Topic 12: Creating SharePoint Document Libraries for InfoPath Consumption

Module 2: SharePoint Designer

Topic 1: Creating Lists and Libraries with SharePoint Designer

Topic 2: Creating and Using Metadata Taxonomies

Topic 3: Creating and Using External Content Types

Topic 4: Understanding Master Pages and the SharePoint Hive

Topic 5: Modifying Site Pages

Topic 6: Modifying Master Pages

Topic 7: Creating Site Pages

Topic 8: Creating Master Pages

Module 3: Introduction and General Concepts – InfoPath

Topic 1: An Overview of the InfoPath User Interface

Topic 2: Managing the Workspace

Topic 3: About the Office Pane

Topic 4: Using InfoPath Help

Topic 5: Using Automation Features

Topic 6: Managing Errors

Topic 7: Using Forms

Topic 8: About Form Compatibility with Previous Versions

Module 4: Creating Forms

Topic 1: Overview of Form Creation Concepts

Topic 2: Opening an Existing Form

Topic 3: Creating a Form

Topic 4: Testing a Form

Topic 5: Publishing a Form Template

Topic 6: Resolving Publication Errors and Issues

Topic 7: Creating a Form from a Template

Topic 8: Modifying a Published Template

Topic 9: About Working with Data Sources

Module 5: Form Formatting

Topic 1: Working with the Form’s Setup

Topic 2: Inserting and Modifying Controls

Topic 3: About Grouping Controls

Topic 4: Inserting Images

Topic 5: Using Different Types of Data : Tables, Lists and Conditional Sections

Topic 6: Formatting and Positioning Controls

Topic 7: Using and Working with Hyperlinks

Topic 8: Merging Forms

Module 6: Working with Views

Topic 1: Creating Views

Topic 2: Defining the Default Views

Topic 3: Modifying a View

Topic 4: Creating a Printing View

Module 7: Using Rules and Validation

Topic 1: About Validating Data

Topic 2: Defining and Using Rules

Topic 3: Adding Forms

Module 8: Managing Options

Topic 1: Working with Security and Security Zones

Topic 2: Protecting InfoPath Forms

Topic 3: Working with Permissions

Topic 4: Using Digital Signatures

Topic 5: Working and Specifying Roles

Module 9: SharePoint Integration

Topic 1: Library Basics

Topic 2: Adding Custom Fields to Document Libraries

Topic 3: About Versioning in Document Libraries

Topic 4: About Publishing and Content Approval

Topic 5: Working with Document Library Templates

Topic 6: Publishing an InfoPath Form to a Document Library

Topic 7: Mapping Library Entries to InfoPath Forms

Topic 8: Managing InfoPath Linked Document Libraries

Topic 9: Using SharePoint Designer

Module 10: Distribution and Publication

Topic 1: Registering and Publishing a Form

Topic 2: Publishing a Form using Outlook

Topic 3: Publishing a Form using SharePoint

Topic 4: Publishing a From on a Web Server

Topic 5: Publishing a Template on the Network

Topic 6: Exporting Data to Excel

Topic 7: Exporting Data to the Web

Topic 8: Working with Published Data

Module 11: Workflows

Topic 3: Using Workflows for Complex Authorization Scenarios

Topic 4: Workflows and InfoPath Forms

Module 12: Advanced Workflows with SharePoint Designer

Topic 1: Understanding Workflow Development in SharePoint Designer

Topic 2: Using the Workflow Editor in Sharepoint Designer

Topic 3: Creating and Publishing a Simple Workflow in SharePoint Designer

Topic 4: Understanding Conditions and Actions

Topic 5: Creating Conditions based on Item Values

Topic 6: A Few Common Actions: Setting Status, Sending Email and More

Topic 7: Creating a Complex Workflow using SharePoint Designer

Topic 8: Creating a Complete Workflow for InfoPath

Module 13: Advanced SharePoint for InfoPath – A Complete Example

Topic 1: Reviewing the Document Library Setup

Topic 2: Designing the Data Requirements and the Target Workflow

Topic 3: Creating the Document Library

Topic 4: Creating the Workflows

Topic 5: Creating the InfoPath Form

Topic 6: Testing the InfoPath Form

Topic 7: Testing the Workflow

Topic 8: Deploying the Solution into Production

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