IPv6 and the Cisco World
(IPv6PROMO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)


This SETC Certified presentation provides IT professionals with a comprehensive overview of the key elements of IPv6 technologies as they apply in a Cisco environment. Beginning with fundamental addressing concepts, the course discussed address types, auto-configuration and other services as they are applied in a Cisco environment.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 15, 2018$650/person Feb 12 to Feb 12, 2018$650/person Mar 12 to Mar 12, 2018$650/person


The Need for IPv6
The Need for IPv6
An Update on IPv4 Exhaustion
IPv6 and Government
The Differences between IPv4 and IPv6
Cisco Equipment and IPv6
An Overview of IPv6 Addressing
How IPv6 Addresses are Assigned
Address Fundamentals
The Network Address
IPv4 and IPv6 Interoperability
Choosing an Address
Implementing IPv6 in a Cisco World