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IPv6 Training

I really enjoyed the course especially the team work, discussions and exercises were actually fun to do ! Great Instructor !
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • IPv6 Professional Security (IPv6SEC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good knowledge of IPv6

3. Target Audience

  • Network professionals who want to secure their IPv6 network

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: IPv6 Fundamentals Reviewed

Topic 1: Major Differences between IPv4 and IPv6

Topic 2: Understanding the IPv6 Address Space

Topic 3: Understanding IPv6 Address Types

Topic 4: IPv6 Address Expression

Topic 5: Understanding Stateless and Stateful Auto-configuration’

Topic 6: Understanding DHCPv6

Topic 7: The IPv6 Header

Topic 8: Understanding Header Extensions

Topic 9: Understanding Neighbor Discovery

Topic 10: Exploring ICMPv6

Topic 11: Understanding DNSv6

Topic 12: A Quick Look at End to End Traffic in an IPv6 Network

Topic 13: A Quick Tour of IPv4 and IPv6 Co-Existence

Module 2: Introduction to IPv6 Security

Topic 1: Reintroduction to IPv6

Topic 2: IPv6 Update

Topic 3: IPv6 Vulnerabilities

Topic 4: Hacker Experience

Topic 5: IPv6 Security Mitigation Techniques

Topic 6: Recommended Readings and Resources

Module 3: IPv6 Protocol Security Vulnerabilities

Topic 1: The IPv6 Protocol Header

Topic 2: Extension Header Threats

Topic 3: Reconnaissance on IPv6 Networks

Topic 4: Layer 3 and Layer 4 Spoofing

Module 4: IPv6 Internet Security

Topic 1: Large-Scale Internet Threats

Topic 2: Ingress/Egress Filtering

Topic 3: Securing BGP Sessions

Topic 4: IPv6 over MPLS Security

Topic 5: Customer Premises Equipment

Topic 6: Prefix Delegation Threats

Topic 7: Multihoming Issues

Module 5: IPv6 Perimeter Security

Topic 1: IPv6 Firewalls

Topic 2: Cisco IOS Router ACLs

Topic 3: Cisco IOS Firewall

Topic 4: Cisco PIX/ASA/FWSM Firewalls

Module 6: Local Network Security

Topic 1: Why Layer 2 Is Important

Topic 2: ICMPv6 Layer 2 Vulnerabilities for IPv6

Topic 3: ICMPv6 Protocol Protection

Topic 4: Network Detection of ICMPv6 Attacks

Topic 5: Network Mitigation Against ICMPv6 Attacks

Topic 6: Privacy Extension Addresses for the Better and the Worse

Topic 7: DHCPv6 Threats and Mitigation

Topic 8: Point-to-Point Link

Topic 9: Endpoint Security

Module 7: Hardening IPv6 Network Devices

Topic 1: Threats Against Network Devices

Topic 2: Cisco IOS Versions

Topic 3: Disabling Unnecessary Network Services

Topic 4: Limiting Router Access

Topic 5: IPv6 Device Management

Topic 6: Threats against Interior Routing Protocol

Topic 7: First-Hop Redundancy Protocol Security

Topic 8: Controlling Resources

Topic 9: QoS Threats

Module 8: Server and Host Security

Topic 1: IPv6 Host Security

Topic 2: Host Firewalls

Topic 3: Securing Hosts with Cisco Security Agent

Module 9: IPsec and SSL Virtual Private Networks

Topic 1: IP Security with IPv6

Topic 2: Host-to-Host IPsec

Topic 3: Site-to-Site IPsec Configuration

Topic 4: Remote Access with IPsec

Topic 5: SSL VPNs

Module 10: Security for IPv6 Mobility

Topic 1: Mobile IPv6 Operation

Topic 2: MIPv6 Messages

Topic 3: Threats Linked to MIPv6

Topic 4: Using IPsec with MIPv6

Topic 5: Filtering for MIPv6

Topic 6: Other IPv6 Mobility Protocols

Module 11: Securing the Transition Mechanisms

Topic 4: Attacking NAT-PT

Topic 5: IPv6 Latent Threats Against IPv4 Networks

Module 12: Security Monitoring

Topic 1: Managing and Monitoring IPv6 Networks

Topic 2: Managing IPv6 Tunnels

Topic 3: Using Forensics

Topic 4: Using Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Topic 5: Managing Security Information with CS-MARS

Topic 6: Managing the Security Configuration

Module 13: IPv6 Security Conclusions

Topic 1: Comparing IPv4 and IPv6 Security

Topic 2: Changing Security Perimeter

Topic 3: Creating an IPv6 Security Policy

Topic 4: On the Horizon

Topic 5: List of Recommendations

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