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Java Training

Good course, instructor very knowledgeable and likeable.
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • Advanced Java Programming: Data the MVC Way (JADV, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Basic knowledge of programming Java including declaring and using classes, constructors, methods and fields.

3. Target Audience

  • Programmers who want to familiarize themselved with object oriented application development in with Java and the MVC pattern

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 10 to Oct 13, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Java Programming

Topic 1: The Application Tiers: 1, 2 and 3-tiered applications

Topic 2: Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure

Topic 3: Web Applications: Technology and Infrastructure.

Topic 4: The Java Platform

Topic 5: Packages and Files

Module 2: Object Oriented Java

Topic 1: The RUP and OOD

Topic 2: Proper Coding

Topic 3: Using Classes

Topic 4: Creating Classes

Topic 5: Class Properties

Topic 6: Object Methods

Topic 7: Constructors

Topic 8: Destructors

Topic 9: Static Data

Topic 10: A complete Object example

Module 3: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Topic 1: Inheritance

Topic 2: Polymorphism

Topic 3: Abstract Functions and Classes

Topic 4: Interfaces

Topic 5: Common Java Inheritance Examples

Module 4: Working with Reference Types

Topic 1: Casting and Conversions

Topic 2: Traditional C-Style Casting

Topic 3: The instanceof Operator

Topic 4: Value Types and their equivalent Reference Types

Topic 5: Reflection

Module 5: Collections

Topic 1: Overview of Collections

Topic 2: Standard Collection Classes

Topic 3: Generics Overview

Topic 4: Using Common Generics

Topic 5: Creating Generic Classes

Topic 6: Performance Considerations with Generics

Module 6: Exception Handling

Topic 1: Exception Handling Overview

Topic 2: Exceptions and Errors

Topic 3: Exception Handling

Topic 4: Implementing try .. catch

Topic 5: Throwing Exceptions

Topic 6: Declaring Function Exceptions

Module 7: Events

Topic 1: Events Overview

Topic 2: The Event process

Topic 3: The Event Object

Topic 4: The Listener Interface

Topic 5: Adding Listener Support to the Source Object

Topic 6: Firing the Event

Module 8: Design Patterns

Topic 1: Design Patterns Overview

Topic 2: Utility Classes

Topic 3: Class Factory

Topic 4: Singleton Pattern

Module 9: Files and Streams

Topic 1: File IO Overview

Topic 2: Directory Operations

Topic 3: Physical File Operations

Topic 4: File Read and Write Operations

Topic 5: Opening Files

Topic 6: Writing Data to a File

Topic 7: Reading Data From a File

Topic 8: Buffering Operations

Topic 9: Using the Writer and Reader Classes

Module 10: Serialization

Topic 1: Serialization Overview

Topic 2: The Serializable Interface

Topic 3: Serializing a Class Instance

Module 11: Multi-Threaded Programming

Topic 1: MultiThreaded Programming Overview

Topic 2: Creating a Thread

Topic 3: Creating Thread Classes

Topic 4: Synchronizing Code

Topic 5: Other Useful Thread Functions

Topic 6: Inter-Thread Communication

Topic 7: Thread Priority

Module 12: Database Programming with JDBC

Topic 1: Programming Overview

Topic 2: Connections

Topic 3: Executing SQL Statements

Topic 4: Reading Data

Topic 5: Updating, Inserting and Deleting Data

Topic 6: Executing Multiple Batches

Topic 7: The PreparedStatement Interface

Topic 8: Using Transactions

Topic 9: Calling Stored Procedures: The Callable Statement Interface

Topic 10: About Spring, Hibernate and ORM

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