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The instructor is skillful and is very excited and interested to know that student understands and benefits from the course. He never leaves any question unanswered.
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1. Title

  • Mastering jBPM: From Process Definition to Implementation (JBPMPRO, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good Java programming knowledge

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to implement business process models using jBPM

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,500.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Business Process Modeling in Practice

Topic 1: What is Business Process Modeling (BPM)?

Topic 2: About BPM Theory

Topic 3: Elements of a BPM

Topic 4: BPM Design Patterns

Topic 5: Basic Control Patterns

Topic 6: Advanced Branching and Synchronization

Topic 7: Structural Patterns

Topic 8: Multiple Instances Patterns

Topic 9: State Based Patterns

Topic 10: Cancellation Patterns

Topic 11: Summary

Topic 12: Sample Business Process

Topic 13: Business Process Improvement

Module 2: Introduction to jBPM 5.0

Topic 1: What is jBPM

Topic 2: Origin of jBPM

Topic 3: Integrating jBPM with an existing server

Topic 4: Installing jBPM

Topic 5: Validating the Installation

Module 3: Exploring jBPM Architecture

Topic 1: The Runtime Engine

Topic 2: The jBPM State Machine

Topic 3: About Long Processes

Topic 4: Understanding Persistence

Topic 5: Exploring jPDL and jBPM BPEL

Module 4: Using Eclipse and the jBPM Designer

Topic 1: Getting Started with Eclipse

Topic 2: About jBPM Project Types

Topic 3: Creating a jBPM Project

Topic 4: Creating a Simple Workflow

Topic 5: Making Thinks More Complicated

Topic 6: Code Management Fundamentals

Module 5: Developing a BPML Solution

Topic 1: Defining a Workflow

Topic 2: Implementing a Workflow

Topic 3: Executing a Workflow

Topic 4: Managing Workflow Instances

Module 6: JBPM Persistence

Topic 1: JEE Persistence and jBPM

Topic 2: Setting up Persistence

Topic 3: About the Process Repository

Topic 4: Persisting Workflow vs Instances

Module 7: Understanding the jBPM Context

Topic 1: Managing State

Topic 2: State Best Practices

Module 8: Managing Tasks

Topic 1: Understanding Existing Tasks

Topic 2: Creating Custom Tasks

Module 9: Integrating jBPM with Seam

Topic 1: Overview of JBoss Seam

Topic 2: Seam + jBPM: A Natural Combination

Topic 3: A sample Seam + jBPM application

Module 10: A Complete Case Study – Complex Business Process Implementations

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