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This is the best of many WebEx training sessions I ve taken part in.
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1. Title

  • Enterprise Application Integration: Exchanging Data (JINTEG, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Knowledge of Enterprise Java

3. Target Audience

  • Programmers who want to familiarize themselved with the design and implementation integrated enterprise applications using Java

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Enterprise Application Integration

Topic 1: Process Overview

Topic 2: The Need for Enterprise Application Integration

Topic 3: B2B Business Integration

Topic 4: XML's Role

Topic 5: XSL's Role

Topic 6: XML Web Services

Topic 7: JEE Connectors

Topic 8: Bridges

Topic 9: The Integration Server

Module 2: Document Definitions and Transformations

Topic 1: Application Integration Overview

Topic 2: Designing XML Schemas

Topic 3: Designing DTDs

Topic 4: Defining Data Transformations: XSL and XQuery

Topic 5: Using XML Beans

Topic 6: Using Message Format Language

Topic 7: Flat File Transformations: CSV, EDIFACT, TSV, positional, etc

Topic 8: Web Service Description Langage (WSDL)

Module 3: Server Specific XML Features

Topic 1: XML Components Overview

Topic 2: Fast Parser

Topic 3: XML Registry

Topic 4: XPath Pattern Matching

Topic 5: XML Editors

Module 4: Web Services

Topic 1: Web Services Overview

Topic 2: SOAP, WSDL and UDDI

Topic 3: Web Services Architecture

Topic 4: Tools and Utilities

Topic 5: Creating Web Services with Java

Topic 6: Creating Web Services with Stateless Session Beans

Topic 7: Creating Web Services with the IDE

Topic 8: Web Services Best Practices

Module 5: Workflows

Topic 1: Workflow Overview

Topic 2: Node Types

Topic 3: Event Models

Topic 4: User Interactions

Topic 5: Parallel Workflows

Module 6: Legacy Integration with JEE Connectors

Topic 1: JEE Connector Architecture

Topic 2: Java Connector Architecture

Topic 3: JEE Connector Architecture and the Enterprise

Topic 4: Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)

Topic 5: B2B Applications

Module 7: The JCA

Topic 1: Working with Resource Adapters

Topic 2: Creating Resource Adapters

Topic 3: Client Applications

Topic 4: Third Party Connectors

Topic 5: Implementing Security

Topic 6: Implementing Transactions

Topic 7: Web Logic JEE-CA Configuration

Topic 8: Connector Packaging and Deployment

Module 8: Connectors and Bridges

Topic 1: SAP Java Connector (jCo)

Topic 2: jCOM Java/COM Bridge

Topic 3: The Tuxedo Connector

Topic 4: Using RMI-IIOP

Module 9: Application Integration Implementation

Topic 1: Integration Overview

Topic 2: The Producer-Consumer Paradigm

Topic 3: Application Integration Design Console

Topic 4: Custom Application Views

Topic 5: Application View Controls

Topic 6: XML Messages

Module 10: B2B Interacions

Topic 1: Overview of B2B Interactions

Topic 2: Defining Trading Partners

Topic 3: Binding Management

Topic 4: Trading Partner Certificates

Topic 5: ebXML and RosettaNet

Module 11: Tools and Utilities

Topic 1: Debugging

Topic 2: About Server Administration

Topic 3: About Integration Administration

Topic 4: JMX

Topic 5: ANT

Module 12: Deployment

Topic 1: Deployment Overview

Topic 2: JEE Builder: Assembling and Deploying

Topic 3: Scripting Tasks

Topic 4: Enterprise Archives

Topic 5: Auto-deployment

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