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1. Title

  • The Master Architect: Exploring JEE Design Patterns (JJEEP, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Java programming, the Class Library and foundations of JSP. Struts is beneficial but not required

3. Target Audience

  • Programmers who want to familiarize themselved with the design and implementation of design pattern in Enterprise Java

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Software Engineering with Components

Topic 1: What is a good system?

Topic 2: Do we have a good system?

Topic 3: What are good systems like? Encapsulation, Abstraction, Coupling!

Topic 4: How are good systems built?

Topic 5: Software engineering overview

Topic 6: Model View Controller

Topic 7: UML Basics

Topic 8: About Design Patterns

Topic 9: About JEE Design Patterns

Module 2: Object Oriented Programming with Java

Topic 1: Proper Coding

Topic 2: Creating Classes

Topic 3: Class Properties

Topic 4: Object Methods

Topic 5: Constructors and Destructors

Topic 6: Destructors

Topic 7: Static Data

Topic 8: Inheritance

Topic 9: Polymorphism

Topic 10: Abstract Functions and Classes

Topic 11: Interfaces

Module 3: Design Pattern Basics

Topic 1: Re-using code: About useful objects

Topic 2: What is a design a pattern

Topic 3: Describing design patterns

Topic 4: The catalogue of design patterns

Topic 5: Why use design patterns

Topic 6: Identifying design patterns

Topic 7: How to select a design pattern

Topic 8: How to use a design pattern

Topic 9: Creational patterns

Topic 10: Structural patterns

Topic 11: Behavioral patterns

Topic 12: JEE Patterns

Topic 13: Describe the Java Pet Store demo software

Module 4: Creational patterns

Topic 1: Abstract factory

Topic 2: Builder

Topic 3: The factory method

Topic 4: Prototype

Topic 5: Singleton

Topic 6: Creational pattern review

Module 5: Structural patterns

Topic 1: Adapter

Topic 2: Bridge

Topic 3: COM present

Topic 4: Decorator

Topic 5: Facade

Topic 6: Flyweight

Topic 7: Proxy

Topic 8: Structural pattern review

Module 6: Behavioral patterns

Topic 1: Chain of responsibility

Topic 2: Command

Topic 3: Interpreter

Topic 4: Iterator

Topic 5: Mediator

Topic 6: Memento

Topic 7: Observer

Topic 8: State

Topic 9: Strategy

Topic 10: Template method

Topic 11: Visitor

Topic 12: Behavioral pattern review

Module 7: Using Integration Tier Patterns

Topic 1: List the features and purpose of the Integration Tier patterns

Topic 2: Apply the Service Activator pattern

Topic 3: Apply the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern

Topic 4: Apply the Domain Store pattern

Topic 5: Apply the Web Service Broker pattern

Module 8: Presentation to Business Patterns

Topic 1: Presentation to Business Patterns Basics

Topic 2: Service Locator

Topic 3: Session Facade

Topic 4: Business Delegate

Topic 5: Transfer Object

Module 9: Intra-Business Patterns

Topic 1: Intra-Business Patterns Basics

Topic 2: Application Service

Topic 3: Business Object

Topic 4: Transfer Object Assembler

Topic 5: Composite Entity

Topic 6: Value List Handler

Module 10: Struts Reviewed

Topic 1: Model 2 Architecture

Topic 2: Implementing MVC with Struts

Topic 3: Form Action Form Controller Business Object

Topic 4: Struts Configuration

Topic 5: Struts Deployment

Module 11: Presentation Tier Patterns

Topic 1: Presentation Tier Patterns Basics

Topic 2: Intercepting Filter

Topic 3: Front Controller

Topic 4: Application Controller

Topic 5: Context Object

Topic 6: View Helper

Topic 7: Composite View

Topic 8: Dispatcher View

Topic 9: Service to Worker

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