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Java Training

I would rate this training as excellent.
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1. Title

  • Java Professional Tuning and Advanced Diagnostics (JPTO, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Knowledge of the Java programming language and the Class Library is essential

3. Target Audience

  • Developer who need to get a better understanding of the inner working of the JVM as well as write code that is both fast and efficient

4. Dates and Pricing

Nov 6 to Nov 10, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: The Java Environment

Topic 1: The Java Runtime: Internal Architecture

Topic 2: Packages and JAR Files

Topic 3: Java and JEE

Topic 4: JEE Architecture

Topic 5: JEE Containers: The WebSphere JEE Server

Topic 6: Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tools

Topic 7: SDLC: From Analysis to Deployment

Topic 8: Eclipse Debugging

Module 2: Performance Tuning in tha Java World

Topic 1: What is Fast? What is Slow?

Topic 2: Performance Tuning: The Root of all Evil?

Topic 3: What is Performance Tuning?

Topic 4: What should be Tuned?

Topic 5: The Tuning Process

Module 3: Java Diagnostic Tools

Topic 1: Introduction to Diagnostics

Topic 2: Tools Overview

Topic 3: jinfo

Topic 4: jmap

Topic 5: jstack

Topic 6: jconsole

Topic 7: jps

Topic 8: jstat

Module 4: Advanced Tools

Topic 1: HPROF

Topic 2: The Heap Analysis Tool

Topic 3: About Fatal Error Handling

Topic 4: dbx

Topic 5: jdb and Hung Processes

Topic 6: Command Line Options

Topic 7: System Properties

Module 5: Profiling Tools

Topic 1: Measurements and Timings

Topic 2: Garbage Colletion

Topic 3: Method Calls

Topic 4: Object Creation Profiling

Topic 5: Monitoring Memory Usage

Topic 6: Client-Server Communications

Module 6: Tuning the JDK

Topic 1: Garbage Collection

Topic 2: Replacing JDK Classes

Topic 3: Faster Virtual Machines

Topic 4: Better Optimizing Compilers

Topic 5: Optimizing the Sun Compiler

Topic 6: Native Machine Code

Topic 7: Native Method Calls

Module 7: Object Creation

Topic 1: Object Creation Statistics

Topic 2: Object Reuse

Topic 3: Avoiding Garbage Collection

Topic 4: Initialization

Topic 5: Early and Late Initialization

Module 8: Working with Strings

Topic 1: Strings and Performance

Topic 2: String Resolution: Compile Time versus Runtime

Topic 3: String Conversions

Topic 4: String versus Character Arrays

Topic 5: String Comparison, Sorting and Searches

Module 9: Working with Java Language Elements

Topic 1: Reference Types versus Primitives

Topic 2: About Casting and Conversion

Topic 3: Working with Functions and Parameters

Topic 4: About Exceptions and Exception Handling

Topic 5: About Looping

Topic 6: About switch

Module 10: Input, Output and Logging

Topic 1: About Console Output

Topic 2: Optimizing IO Operations

Topic 3: Optimizing Logging

Topic 4: Optimizing Serialization

Topic 5: About Object Clustering and IO Counts

Module 11: Threading

Topic 1: About Java Threads

Topic 2: Race Conditions

Topic 3: Deadlocks and Synchronization

Topic 4: Threads and Timing

Topic 5: Thread Pools

Topic 6: Load Balancing

Module 12: Data Structures and Algorithms

Topic 1: About Java Collections

Topic 2: Hashtables and Hashmaps

Topic 3: Cached Access

Topic 4: Working with Strings

Topic 5: Search Trees

Topic 6: Generics

Module 13: Distributed Computing

Topic 1: Tools of the Trade

Topic 2: Reducing Traffic

Topic 3: About Caching

Topic 4: About Batching

Topic 5: About Application Partitioning

Topic 6: Communication Optimization

Topic 7: Garbage Collection

Topic 8: Tuning Database Access

Module 14: JEE Performance Tuning Overview

Topic 1: The JEE Architecture

Topic 2: WebSphere Specifics

Topic 3: Tools for Diagnosing Performance Problems in a JEE Application

Topic 4: Overview of JSP and Struts Tuning

Topic 5: Overview of EJB Tuning

Topic 6: Tuning Entity Beans

Topic 7: Tuning Session Beans

Topic 8: Tuning Message Driven Beans

Topic 9: About Hibernate and Performance

Topic 10: Performance Tuning Review

Module 15: Checklists

Topic 1: JSE Checklist

Topic 2: JEE Checklist

Topic 3: Other Considerations

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