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Java Training

Course was work related. Found it very relative to what we are doing today. Instructor was bilingual and answered questions in both official languages.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • Java Professional Tuning and Advanced Diagnostics (JPTO, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Knowledge of the Java programming language and the Class Library is essential

3. Target Audience

  • Developer who need to get a better understanding of the inner working of the JVM as well as write code that is both fast and efficient

4. Dates and Pricing

Jun 5 to Jun 9, 2017$2,775.00/person
Nov 6 to Nov 10, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: The Java Environment

Topic 1: The Java Runtime: Internal Architecture

Topic 2: Packages and JAR Files

Topic 3: Java and JEE

Topic 4: JEE Architecture

Topic 5: JEE Containers: The WebSphere JEE Server

Topic 6: Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tools

Topic 7: SDLC: From Analysis to Deployment

Topic 8: Eclipse Debugging

Module 2: Performance Tuning in tha Java World

Topic 1: What is Fast? What is Slow?

Topic 2: Performance Tuning: The Root of all Evil?

Topic 3: What is Performance Tuning?

Topic 4: What should be Tuned?

Topic 5: The Tuning Process

Module 3: Java Diagnostic Tools

Topic 1: Introduction to Diagnostics

Topic 2: Tools Overview

Topic 3: jinfo

Topic 4: jmap

Topic 5: jstack

Topic 6: jconsole

Topic 7: jps

Topic 8: jstat

Module 4: Advanced Tools

Topic 1: HPROF

Topic 2: The Heap Analysis Tool

Topic 3: About Fatal Error Handling

Topic 4: dbx

Topic 5: jdb and Hung Processes

Topic 6: Command Line Options

Topic 7: System Properties

Module 5: Profiling Tools

Topic 1: Measurements and Timings

Topic 2: Garbage Colletion

Topic 3: Method Calls

Topic 4: Object Creation Profiling

Topic 5: Monitoring Memory Usage

Topic 6: Client-Server Communications

Module 6: Tuning the JDK

Topic 1: Garbage Collection

Topic 2: Replacing JDK Classes

Topic 3: Faster Virtual Machines

Topic 4: Better Optimizing Compilers

Topic 5: Optimizing the Sun Compiler

Topic 6: Native Machine Code

Topic 7: Native Method Calls

Module 7: Object Creation

Topic 1: Object Creation Statistics

Topic 2: Object Reuse

Topic 3: Avoiding Garbage Collection

Topic 4: Initialization

Topic 5: Early and Late Initialization

Module 8: Working with Strings

Topic 1: Strings and Performance

Topic 2: String Resolution: Compile Time versus Runtime

Topic 3: String Conversions

Topic 4: String versus Character Arrays

Topic 5: String Comparison, Sorting and Searches

Module 9: Working with Java Language Elements

Topic 1: Reference Types versus Primitives

Topic 2: About Casting and Conversion

Topic 3: Working with Functions and Parameters

Topic 4: About Exceptions and Exception Handling

Topic 5: About Looping

Topic 6: About switch

Module 10: Input, Output and Logging

Topic 1: About Console Output

Topic 2: Optimizing IO Operations

Topic 3: Optimizing Logging

Topic 4: Optimizing Serialization

Topic 5: About Object Clustering and IO Counts

Module 11: Threading

Topic 1: About Java Threads

Topic 2: Race Conditions

Topic 3: Deadlocks and Synchronization

Topic 4: Threads and Timing

Topic 5: Thread Pools

Topic 6: Load Balancing

Module 12: Data Structures and Algorithms

Topic 1: About Java Collections

Topic 2: Hashtables and Hashmaps

Topic 3: Cached Access

Topic 4: Working with Strings

Topic 5: Search Trees

Topic 6: Generics

Module 13: Distributed Computing

Topic 1: Tools of the Trade

Topic 2: Reducing Traffic

Topic 3: About Caching

Topic 4: About Batching

Topic 5: About Application Partitioning

Topic 6: Communication Optimization

Topic 7: Garbage Collection

Topic 8: Tuning Database Access

Module 14: JEE Performance Tuning Overview

Topic 1: The JEE Architecture

Topic 2: WebSphere Specifics

Topic 3: Tools for Diagnosing Performance Problems in a JEE Application

Topic 4: Overview of JSP and Struts Tuning

Topic 5: Overview of EJB Tuning

Topic 6: Tuning Entity Beans

Topic 7: Tuning Session Beans

Topic 8: Tuning Message Driven Beans

Topic 9: About Hibernate and Performance

Topic 10: Performance Tuning Review

Module 15: Checklists

Topic 1: JSE Checklist

Topic 2: JEE Checklist

Topic 3: Other Considerations

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