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HTML and HTML5 Training

Our instructor was top notch, great personality and wide area of knowledge. Documentation was well laid out and easy to use/comprehend
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1. Title

  • Advanced JavaScript: Extreme Measures (JSADVAN, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript development

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developers who want to master JavaScript development

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 26 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Nov 28 to Dec 1, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction JavaScript Application Development

Topic 1: JavaScript as a development platform

Topic 2: Web page and web application

Topic 3: The role of HTML5 and JavaScript

Topic 4: Creating multi-platform application

Module 2: Advanced JavaScript

Topic 1: JavaScript and object oriented programming

Topic 2: The many ways of creating objects

Topic 3: Understanding objects and prototypes

Topic 4: Object functions and context

Module 3: DOM Event Handling

Topic 1: Understanding DOM events

Topic 2: The event object

Topic 3: Binding functions to events

Module 4: JSON

Topic 1: What is JSON

Topic 2: JSON vs JavaScript Notation

Topic 3: Using native JSON and fallbacks

Topic 4: JSON and security

Topic 5: JSON vs JSONP

Module 5: HTML5 and Application Development

Topic 1: Why HTML5?

Topic 2: HTML5 as an application platform

Topic 3: Overview of the new JavaScript API

Module 6: Interacting with the Platform

Topic 1: Understanding platform API

Topic 2: Working with screen and device orientation

Topic 3: Dynamically layout page

Topic 4: Working with touch events

Topic 5: Clipboard API

Topic 6: Drag and drop

Module 7: HTML5 Storage

Topic 1: Say goodbye to cookies

Topic 2: Understanding Local Storage and Session Storage

Topic 3: Storing and retrieving information

Topic 4: Using JSON with storage

Topic 5: Limits of HTML5 storage

Topic 6: Other persistence method

Topic 7: Structured storage (deprecated, by request only)

Module 8: File API

Topic 1: Accessing files with JavaScript

Topic 2: Using the File and FileList object

Topic 3: Reading and parsing files

Topic 4: Uploading files to server

Topic 5: Working with BLOBs

Module 9: Geolocation API

Topic 1: Understanding the Geolocation API

Topic 2: Requesting position

Topic 3: Understanding the response

Topic 4: Using the response

Topic 5: Geolocation fallback

Module 10: Asynchronous Communication

Topic 1: Introduction to Web Socket

Topic 2: Server setup overview

Topic 3: Sending and receiving messages

Topic 4: Processing messages asynchronously using Web Worker

Topic 5: Fallback for Web Sockets and Web Workers

Module 11: Creating Graphics using SVG

Topic 1: Understanding SVG

Topic 2: SVG vs Canvas—which one to choose

Topic 3: Many ways to embed SVG in a web page

Topic 4: Dynamic SVG manipulation using JavaScript

Topic 5: Animating SVG using markup

Topic 6: Animating SVG using JavaScript

Topic 7: Fallback for SVG

Module 12: Managing Canvas State

Topic 1: Persisting a canvas

Topic 2: Understanding canvas states

Topic 3: Using canvas transformation

Topic 4: Working with matrix transformation

Topic 5: Using save and restore

Module 13: Canvas Path and Compositing

Topic 1: Working with path and hit regions

Topic 2: Advanced visual effect with strokes and fills

Topic 3: Using compositing

Topic 4: Making the canvas accessible

Module 14: Pixel Manipulation

Topic 1: Direct pixel manipulation with ImageData

Topic 2: When (not) to use ImageData

Topic 3: Using createImageData and createImageDataHD

Topic 4: Working with the RGBA buffer

Topic 5: Using putImageData and putImageDataHD

Topic 6: Managing dirty rectangles

Module 15: Advance Canvas

Topic 1: Advance drawing techniques

Topic 2: Drawing in 3D without WebGL

Topic 3: Creating fast and smooth animations

Topic 4: Video playback on the canvas

Topic 5: Fullscreen applications

Topic 6: Profiling canvas operations

Module 16: Overview of WebGL

Topic 1: Understanding WebGL technology

Topic 2: Canvas2d vs WebGL

Topic 3: Creating pixels and fragment shaders

Topic 4: Rendering 3D elements

Topic 5: Animating 3D elements

Module 17: Canvas Best Practices

Topic 1: Canvas and drawing performance

Topic 2: When to (not) use the canvas

Topic 3: Working with text

Topic 4: Colour space and correction

Topic 5: Security concerns for the canvas

Module 18: From Web Page to Application

Topic 1: Online and offline application

Topic 2: Understanding HTML5 application caching

Topic 3: Application manifest

Topic 4: Testing for connectivity

Topic 5: HTML5 application best practices

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