Mastering JavaScript: From Basics to JQuery
(JSCRIPT, Live Instructor-Led Training, 3 days)


This SETC Certified course introduces programmers to the essentials of corporate JavaScript programming. A brief review of the fundamental elements of the JavaScript language is followed by an introduction to the world of object oriented programming. The course continues with an introduction to data validation, form data manipulation and DOM parsing and traversal. The course concludes with the study of jQuery and its many powerful capabilities.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 17 to Jan 19, 2018$1,675/person Feb 14 to Feb 16, 2018$1,675/person Mar 14 to Mar 16, 2018$1,675/person


JavaScript Fundamentals
JavaScript Overview
JavaScript Programming Basics
JavaScript Data Types
Declaring and Using Variables
Arithmetic Operators
Logical Operators
Working with Strings
Debugging Tools
JavaScript Language Constructs
Conditional Constructs: if ... else
Using Embedded if ... else Statements
Conditional Constructs: switch( )
Loop Constructs: for(…)
Loop Constructs: while(…)
Loop Constructs: do …. while( …)
The Need for Functions
Declaring Functions
Working with Function Parameters
Using Functions
Creating a Function Library
Strings and Regular Expressions
The String Object
Coping with Data Entry Errors
Using the String Methods
Using Regular Expressions: RegExp
Working with JavaScript Classes and Objects
Proper Coding
Working with Objects: Declaration and Instantiation
Creating an Object
Accessing Object Properties
Using Object Methods
Using JavaScript’s Classes
Interacting with the Browser and the Document
Interacting with the Browser
Dialog Boxes
Status Bar Messages
Window Manipulations
Writing to Documents
Dynamic Documents
HTML Forms
HTML Forms: The Process
Data Collection Through Forms
The Form Object
Form Elements
Form Properties
Form Validation
Validation Process Overview
Testing Data
Reporting Results
jQuery Fundamentals
Getting Started with jQuery
Referencing Elements
Manipulating the Page
Traversing the DOM and Chaining
jQuery Utility Methods
Advanced jQuery
Handling Events and Event Delegation
AJAX and Deferreds
Enhancing with Effects
jQuery Best Practices