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Java Training

Trainer was well prepared. Course was very interesting.
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1. Title

  • Java Security Workshop (JSECU, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Knowledge of the Java programming language and the Class Library is essential

3. Target Audience

  • Developer who need to develop or maintain secure Java applications

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 17 to Oct 20, 2017$2,250.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: The Java Security Framework

Topic 1: The Need for a Robust Security Framework

Topic 2: Protecting Enterprise Resources

Topic 3: Java SE Security Model

Topic 4: About the Security Model

Topic 5: Users, Groups and Roles

Topic 6: About Securing Resources

Topic 7: Authentication

Topic 8: Web Application Security

Topic 9: Implementing Security

Module 2: BEA WebLogic Server Security

Topic 1: Security Framework Overview

Topic 2: JAAS

Topic 3: Subjects and Principals

Topic 4: Security Realms

Topic 5: About Roles

Topic 6: Security Providers

Module 3: Web Application Security

Topic 1: Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Topic 2: Types of Attacks

Topic 3: Digital Signatures

Topic 4: Certificates

Topic 5: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Topic 6: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Topic 7: Antivirus Products, Firewalls and Sniffers

Module 4: Web Application Security Best Practices

Topic 1: The Security Policy

Topic 2: Security Updates

Topic 3: Keys and Certificates

Topic 4: Logging and Auditing

Module 5: Securing WebLogic Server Applications

Topic 1: The Default Realm

Topic 2: Selecting a Realm

Topic 3: Creating Users and Groups

Topic 4: Global Roles

Topic 5: Scoped Roles

Topic 6: Security Policies

Topic 7: The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Topic 8: External LDAP Servers

Topic 9: JNDI Authentication

Module 6: JMS Security

Topic 1: Overview of JMS Security

Topic 2: JMS Security Architecture

Topic 3: Authentication

Topic 4: Authorization

Topic 5: Roles

Topic 6: Using Encryption: Java Encryption Extensions

Module 7: JAAS

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: JAAS Configuration

Topic 3: Callback Handlers

Topic 4: Using LoginContext

Topic 5: Writing the Code

Topic 6: Executing the Code

Module 8: Creating a Custom Security Provider

Topic 1: The SecurityProvider Interface

Topic 2: The AuthenticationProvider Interface

Topic 3: The LoginModule Interface

Topic 4: WebLogic Definition Files

Topic 5: Building and Deploying Custom Security Providers

Module 9: SSL

Topic 1: Digital Certificates

Topic 2: Server Authentiation

Topic 3: Mutual Authentication

Topic 4: Establishing Domain Trusts

Module 10: Best Practices

Topic 1: User Lockout

Topic 2: Connection Filtering

Topic 3: Advisories and Notifications

Topic 4: Machine Security

Topic 5: File System Security

Topic 6: Network Connections

Topic 7: DOS Attacks

Topic 8: Tuning and Auditing

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