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The instructor is skillful and is very excited and interested to know that student understands and benefits from the course. He never leaves any question unanswered.
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1. Title

  • Creating Professional Web Applications with JSF (JSFPRO, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Good Java and web development knowledge

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developers who want to learn how to develop JSF based applications

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Java Web Development Architecture

Topic 1: Java Web Application Technology

Topic 2: Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure

Topic 3: J2EE Architecture and Components

Topic 4: The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern

Topic 5: Setting up the Development Environment

Topic 6: About Servlets and JSP Pages

Module 2: JSF and its Components

Topic 1: Java Server Faces Overview

Topic 2: About the JSF Project’s Directory Structure

Topic 3: Bean Fundamentals: Bean Properties, Value Expressions and Backing Beans

Topic 4: Working with CDI Beans

Topic 5: Working with Message Bundles

Module 3: Working with Bean Scope

Topic 1: About Bean Scopes

Topic 2: Working with Request Scope

Topic 3: Working with Session Scope

Topic 4: Working with Application Scope

Topic 5: Working with Conversation Scope

Topic 6: Working with View Scope

Topic 7: About Custom Scope Beans

Module 4: Configuring Beans

Topic 1: Configuration Overview

Topic 2: Injecting CDI Beans

Topic 3: Injecting Managed Beans

Topic 4: About Bean Lifecycle Annotation

Topic 5: About XML Based Configuration

Module 5: Working with Expression Language

Topic 1: Understanding Lvalue and Rvalue Modes

Topic 2: Using Brackets

Topic 3: Working with Map and List Expressions

Topic 4: Calling Methods and Functions

Topic 5: Resolving the Initial Term

Topic 6: Working with Composite Expressions

Topic 7: Working with Method Expressions

Module 6: Mastering Navigation

Topic 1: Navigation Overview

Topic 2: Working with Static Navigation

Topic 3: Working with Dynamic Navigation: View ID to Outcome Mappings

Topic 4: About Redirection

Topic 5: Working with RESTful Navigation

Topic 6: Implementing Advanced Navigation Rules

Module 7: Standard JSF Tags

Topic 1: Overview of JSF Core Tags

Topic 2: Overview of JSF HTML Tags

Topic 3: Working with Panels

Topic 4: The Head, Body and Form Tags

Topic 5: Working with Text Fields and Text Areas

Topic 6: Working with Buttons and Links

Topic 7: Working with Standard Control Tags

Topic 8: Working with Messages

Module 8: Working with Facelets

Topic 1: Overview of Facelets

Topic 2: Using Common Templates

Topic 3: About View Organization

Topic 4: Working with Decorators

Topic 5: Using Parameters

Topic 6: Implementing Custom Tags

Topic 7: Using ui:debug

Topic 8: Using ui:remove

Topic 9: Working with Whitespaces

Module 9: Working with Data Tables

Topic 1: Working with the dataTable Tag

Topic 2: Working with Headers, Footers and Captions

Topic 3: Working with Styles

Topic 4: About using JSF Components in Tables

Topic 5: Editing Tables

Topic 6: Working with Table Models

Topic 7: Managing Scrolling

Module 10: Conversion and Validation

Topic 1: Understanding the Conversion and Validation Process

Topic 2: Working with Standard Converters: Numbers, Dates and Errors

Topic 3: Working with Standard Validators

Topic 4: About Bean Validation

Topic 5: Creating a Custom Converter

Topic 6: Creating a Custom Validator

Topic 7: Creating Tags for Custom Validators and Converters

Module 11: Event Handling

Topic 1: Events and the JSG Lifecycle

Topic 2: Value Change Events

Topic 3: Action Events

Topic 4: Working with Event Listener Tags

Topic 5: Working with Immediate Components

Topic 6: Client to Server Data Exchange

Topic 7: About Phase Events

Topic 8: About System Events

Module 12: Composite Components

Topic 1: The Composite Tag Library

Topic 2: Implementing Composite Components

Topic 3: Configuring Composite Components

Topic 4: About Component Attributes

Topic 5: Manipulating Server Side Data

Topic 6: Localizing Composite Components

Topic 7: About Facets, Children and JavaScript

Topic 8: About Backing Components

Topic 9: Packaging Composite Components

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