Creating Professional Web Applications with JSF
(JSFPRO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)


This SETC course provides a complete exploration of Java Server Faces (JSF) development. The course begins with a general discussion of the JEE web development technologies. Armed with this essential knowledge, participants are then introduced to every aspect of JSF development including core JSF tags, beans, expression language, navigation, facelets and data tables, Being a bit more knowledgeable, participants are then introduced to more advanced concepts such as conversion and validation, event handling and the creation of composite components. SETC Training - Formation SETC offers JSF and advanced JEE training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Quebec

Dates and Pricing

Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2018$2,500/person Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2018$2,500/person Mar 27 to Mar 30, 2018$2,500/person


Java Web Development Architecture
Java Web Application Technology
Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure
J2EE Architecture and Components
The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Setting up the Development Environment
About Servlets and JSP Pages
JSF and its Components
Java Server Faces Overview
About the JSF Project’s Directory Structure
Bean Fundamentals: Bean Properties, Value Expressions and Backing Beans
Working with CDI Beans
Working with Message Bundles
Working with Bean Scope
About Bean Scopes
Working with Request Scope
Working with Session Scope
Working with Application Scope
Working with Conversation Scope
Working with View Scope
About Custom Scope Beans
Configuring Beans
Configuration Overview
Injecting CDI Beans
Injecting Managed Beans
About Bean Lifecycle Annotation
About XML Based Configuration
Working with Expression Language
Understanding Lvalue and Rvalue Modes
Using Brackets
Working with Map and List Expressions
Calling Methods and Functions
Resolving the Initial Term
Working with Composite Expressions
Working with Method Expressions
Mastering Navigation
Navigation Overview
Working with Static Navigation
Working with Dynamic Navigation: View ID to Outcome Mappings
About Redirection
Working with RESTful Navigation
Implementing Advanced Navigation Rules
Standard JSF Tags
Overview of JSF Core Tags
Overview of JSF HTML Tags
Working with Panels
The Head, Body and Form Tags
Working with Text Fields and Text Areas
Working with Buttons and Links
Working with Standard Control Tags
Working with Messages
Working with Facelets
Overview of Facelets
Using Common Templates
About View Organization
Working with Decorators
Using Parameters
Implementing Custom Tags
Using ui:debug
Using ui:remove
Working with Whitespaces
Working with Data Tables
Working with the dataTable Tag
Working with Headers, Footers and Captions
Working with Styles
About using JSF Components in Tables
Editing Tables
Working with Table Models
Managing Scrolling
Conversion and Validation
Understanding the Conversion and Validation Process
Working with Standard Converters: Numbers, Dates and Errors
Working with Standard Validators
About Bean Validation
Creating a Custom Converter
Creating a Custom Validator
Creating Tags for Custom Validators and Converters
Event Handling
Events and the JSG Lifecycle
Value Change Events
Action Events
Working with Event Listener Tags
Working with Immediate Components
Client to Server Data Exchange
About Phase Events
About System Events
Composite Components
The Composite Tag Library
Implementing Composite Components
Configuring Composite Components
About Component Attributes
Manipulating Server Side Data
Localizing Composite Components
About Facets, Children and JavaScript
About Backing Components
Packaging Composite Components