HTML5 and JavaScript for Enterprise Applications
(JSHTM5, Live Instructor-Led Training, 9 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 8 to Jan 16, 2018$6,600/person Feb 5 to Feb 13, 2018$6,600/person Mar 5 to Mar 13, 2018$6,600/person


Welcome to HTML5
The Need for HTML5
Migrating from HTML4 or XHTML
HTML5 Page
Semantic Structure
The Complete HTML5 Page
What’s Changed
Deprecated Tags
Unchanged Tags
Old Tags-New Meanings
HTML5 Links and Anchors
What’s New
Global Attributes
Global Event Attributes
New Elements
The Address Tag
Rich HTML5 Forms
HTML5 Forms
The Form Element
The New Input Types
New Form Tags
CSS v3
Gradient Fills
Dealing with Different Browser Implementations
Web Fonts
CSS Transition
Media Queries
End of the Box Model War
HTML5 Accessibility
Accessible Tables
Creating Associations between Data Cells, Table Headers and Rowa
Accessible Forms
Delving Deeper
Understanding the Terminology
Audio and Video
Using Audio and Video Assets
About File Format
The Audio Element
The Video Element
Using the Track Element
JavaScript and the Web
Internet Technology Overview
Web Applications: Technology and Infrastructure
Client Side Technologies
The Role of JavaScript
Browser Support and the DOM
JavaScript Fundamentals
JavaScript Overview
JavaScript Programming Basics
JavaScript Data Types
Declaring and Using Variables
Arithmetic Operators
Logical Operators
Working with Strings
Debugging Tools
JavaScript Language Constructs
Conditional Constructs: if…else
Using Embedded if…else Statements
Conditional Constructs: switch( )
Loop Constructs: for( )
Loop Constructs: while( )
Loop Constructs: do…while( )
The Need for Functions
Declaring Functions
Working with Function Parameters
Using Functions
Creating a Function Library
Strings and Regular Expressions
The String Object
Coping with Data Entry Errors
Using the String Methods
Using Regular Expressions: RegExp
Working with JavaScript Classes and Objects
Proper Coding
Working with Objects: Declaration and Instantiation
Creating an Object
Accessing Object Properties
Using Object Methods
Using JavaScript’s Classes
jQuery Fundamentals
Introducing jQuery
Getting Started
Referencing Elements
Manipulating the Page
Traversing the DOM
Advanced jQuery
Handling Events and Event Delegation
Ajax Using jQuery
Enhancing with Effects
jQuery Best Practices
Advanced JavaScript
JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming
The many way of Creating Objects
Understanding Objects and Prototypes
Object Functions and Context
DOM Event Handling
Understanding DOM Events
The Event Object
Binding Functions to Events
What is JSON
JSON vs JavaScript Notation
Using Native JSON and Fallbacks
JSON and Security
Interacting with Mobile Platform
Understanding Platform API
Working with screen and device orientation
Dynamically layout page
Working with touch events
Clipboard API
Drag and drop
HTML5 Storage
Say goodbye to cookies
Understanding Local Storage and Session Storage
Storing and retrieving information
Using JSON with storage
Limits of HTML5 storage
Other persistence method
Structured storage (deprecated, by request only)
File API
Accessing files with JavaScript
Using the File and FileList object
Reading and parsing files
Uploading files to server
Working with BLOBs
Geolocation API
Understanding the Geolocation API
Requesting position
Understanding the response
Using the response
Geolocation fallback
Asynchronous Communication
Introduction to Web Socket
Server setup overview
Sending and receiving messages
Processing messages asynchronously using Web Worker
Fallback for Web Sockets and Web Workers
From Web Page to Application
Online and offline application
Understanding HTML5 application caching
Application manifest
Testing for connectivity
HTML5 application best practices