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Our instructor did a truly excellent job of conveying the material. Our students were already familiar with the technology and moved through the material quickly. I was especially impressed with the ability of the instructor to go "off course" and provide extra material on-the-fly at our request. They did an amazing job. Very friendly, very knowledgeable with excellent teaching skills.
Comment from OSFI

1. Title

  • Creating Professional Multilingual Web Applications with Struts (JSTRUTS, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Basic knowledge of Java, JSP and Servlets

3. Target Audience

  • Programmers who want to familiarize themselved with the design and implementation of Struts driven web applications

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Java Web Development Architecture

Topic 1: Java Web Application Technology

Topic 2: Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure

Topic 3: J2EE Architecture and Components

Topic 4: The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern

Module 2: Web Programming Overview

Topic 1: Internet Basics

Topic 2: Servlets

Topic 3: The JSP Page

Topic 4: Using Beans

Topic 5: State Management

Topic 6: Tag Libraries

Topic 7: Creating a Simple Tag

Module 3: Introduction to Struts

Topic 1: Using the Struts Application Framework

Topic 2: Struts Primary Components

Topic 3: Struts Actions, Forms and Flows

Topic 4: Installing Struts

Topic 5: Configuring Struts

Topic 6: Struts and JSP

Module 4: Action Mappings with Struts

Topic 1: Page Flow Technology

Topic 2: The Anatomy of a Page Flow

Topic 3: About ActionServlet, Action and ActionMapping

Topic 4: Revisiting the Struts Configuration

Topic 5: Using Forward

Topic 6: Global Forwards

Topic 7: Forwarding Actions

Topic 8: Declarative Exception Handling

Module 5: Forms with Struts

Topic 1: Revisiting HTML Forms

Topic 2: Action Forms

Topic 3: Understanding the Input ( Actions ( Model ( Output Relationship

Topic 4: Using DynaActionForm and Map-Backed Forms

Topic 5: About Data and Form Validation

Module 6: Struts Tag Libraries

Topic 1: Revisiting Tag Libraries

Topic 2: Building View Components

Topic 3: Struts Tag Libraries

Topic 4: Attributes

Topic 5: Building Forms: using <html:form>

Topic 6: Using Struts Tags

Topic 7: The Form ( Form Bean Relationship

Topic 8: About Scope and Duration

Topic 9: Displaying Error Messages

Module 7: The JSP Standard Tag Library

Topic 1: JSTL Overview

Topic 2: JSP Expression Language

Topic 3: Core Tags

Topic 4: Formatting Tags

Topic 5: XML Tags

Topic 6: SQL Tags

Module 8: Internationalization and Localization with Struts

Topic 1: The Need to Localization

Topic 2: About Resource Files

Topic 3: The Internationalization Package: i18n

Topic 4: Using the Locale Class

Topic 5: Using Resource Bundles

Topic 6: Using Validation

Module 9: Input Validation with Struts

Topic 1: The Need for Validation

Topic 2: Validation in Struts

Topic 3: Form Bean Validation

Topic 4: The Struts Validator

Topic 5: Validators and Rules

Topic 6: Multi-Page Validation

Topic 7: Client-Side Validation

Topic 8: Implementing a Validator

Module 10: Best Practices in Struts

Topic 1: Designing a Struts Application

Topic 2: Using Design Patterns in Web Applications

Topic 3: Invoking Several Actions from a Single View

Topic 4: Invoking a Single Action from Multiple Views

Topic 5: Dealing with Multiple Forwards

Topic 6: Chaining Actions

Topic 7: Dynamic Forwarding

Topic 8: Using Reflection and BeanUtils

Topic 9: Reusing Validation Rules

Topic 10: Mapping-Based Validation

Module 11: Tiles

Topic 1: The Goal: Common Look and Feel

Topic 2: Reusable Layouts and Content

Topic 3: The Tiles Framework

Topic 4: Instantiating Layouts

Topic 5: Tiles and Stylesheets

Topic 6: Tiles Attributes

Topic 7: Tiles Context

Topic 8: The Tiles Plug-In

Topic 9: Forwarding to Definitions

Topic 10: A View to Performance

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