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Java Training

I very much enjoyed the quality and expertise of the instructor.
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • XML Programming for Java: Web Services, XML Beans and AJAX (JXML, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Basic knowledge of Java programming and the Class Library

3. Target Audience

  • Programmers who want to familiarize themselved with processign XML in Java

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Eclipse, Java and XML

Topic 1: The JDK: Comparing Versions

Topic 2: Exploring Eclipse

Topic 3: AJAX: The Architecture

Topic 4: Packages and Namespaces Defined

Topic 5: Essential Classes for AJAX

Topic 6: Essential Classes for XML

Topic 7: Creating a Web Site

Module 2: XML Document Basics

Topic 1: How XML Works

Topic 2: Well Formed XML Documents

Topic 3: XML Comments Whitespace Usage

Topic 4: Using Prohibited Character Literal Entities

Topic 5: Well-Formed XML Summary

Topic 6: XMLDOM XPath

Module 3: XML Document Validation: Schemas

Topic 1: Purpose Design of XML Schemas

Topic 2: Schema Document Basics

Topic 3: Schema Namespaces

Topic 4: XSD Schemas

Topic 5: Schema Data Types: Simple Complex

Topic 6: Using Element Groups

Topic 7: Attribute Groups

Topic 8: Creating Custom Data Types

Topic 9: Schema Comments

Topic 10: Importing Schemas

Topic 11: Linking the XML Document to a Schema

Module 4: XSL Stylesheets

Topic 1: XSL Stylesheet Basics

Topic 2: Stylesheet Output/Format

Topic 3: XSL Templates

Topic 4: Linking XML Documents to XSL Stylesheets

Topic 5: Using XSL to Transform XML to HTML

Topic 6: XSL Variables

Topic 7: XSL Parameters

Topic 8: XSL Conditional Elements

Topic 9: XSL Loops

Topic 10: Other Useful XSL Elements

Topic 11: Creating Document Elements Attributes

Topic 12: New Features in XSLT 2.0

Module 5: XML Programming in Java

Topic 1: JAX versus SAX:

Topic 2: About Serialization

Topic 3: Serialization Behaviour

Topic 4: Creating XML Documents

Topic 5: Validating XML Documents

Topic 6: XML Beans

Topic 7: Advanced XML Beans

Module 6: Web Services

Topic 1: Web Services Technologies

Topic 2: Web Services: The Messaging Lifecycle

Topic 3: Creating a Web Service

Topic 4: Creating a Web Service Client

Topic 5: About Security and Profiles

Topic 6: Web Services and Classes

Module 7: AJAX Fundamentals

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Writing an Pure Ajax Application

Topic 3: AJAX Overview for Java

Topic 4: Java's AJAX Capabilities

Topic 5: Overview of AJAX Development in Eclipse

Topic 6: Debugging and Tracing AJAX Applications

Topic 7: Globalizing AJAX Applications

Module 8: AJAX Library

Topic 1: Why Create Custom Scripts

Topic 2: AJAX Library Overview

Topic 3: Using Extensions to Java Script

Topic 4: Client Script Integration

Topic 5: Embedding JavaScript

Topic 6: Embedding Resources for use with Java Script

Module 9: Web Services and Web 2.0

Topic 1: Overview of Web Service Integration

Topic 2: Using Web Services in AJAX

Topic 3: Exposing Web Services to Script

Topic 4: Calling Web Services from Script

Module 10: AJAX : An Advanced Example

Topic 1: Setting the Stage: The Business Problem

Topic 2: Architecting the Solution

Topic 3: Creating the Services

Topic 4: Creating the Interface

Topic 5: Creating the Scripts

Topic 6: Putting it All Together

Topic 7: Securing the Services

Topic 8: Monitoring and Tuning the Application

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