Developing Your Leadership Competencies for Excellence in the Public Service
(LEADP, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)


Present and future leaders of the Public Service need to continually adapt to constant change – and successfully lead others through it! Aligned with the current Treasury Board Key Leadership Competencies profile, which serves as the basis for choice, learning and development, performance and talent management of executives and other senior leaders, this course will guide participants through the core competencies, unpacking the terms and working through their own experiences to identify strengths and gaps, and create a plan to round out their knowledge, skills and abilities to put them on the executive track.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 16, 2018$799/person Feb 12 to Feb 13, 2018$799/person Mar 12 to Mar 13, 2018$799/person


Understanding the Context
Skyview of the Public Service
Corporate Culture and Advancement
Leadership – Definition, Style, Aspirations, Limitations
Leaders are made, not born
Unpacking the Key Leadership Competencies for Executives in the Public Service
Create Vision and Strategy
Mobilize People
Uphold Integrity and Respect
Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders
Promote Innovation and Guide Change
Achieve Results
Self-Assessment – the good, the bad and the “ready for more”!
Where I am now
Where I want to in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years
My strengths
My limitations
The importance of leadership
Making my leadership style work for me
My knowledge, skills and abilities plan
My path - Selling your Unique You
Diversity in skills, culture, experience, interests, mindset and vision
Building your networks
Thinking outside the path