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Project Management Training

Great instructor and hands-on course material.
Comment from Canada Council for the Arts

1. Title

  • Microsoft Project Level 2: Tuning, Tracking and Reporting (MSPADV, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience with general project management and Microsoft Project

3. Target Audience

  • Business professionals who want to learn how to use Microsoft Project to perform general project management tasks

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,150.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Review of Essential Skills: Getting Started

Topic 1: Creating the Project

Topic 2: Creating a Schedule

Topic 3: Setting up Resources and Task Assignments

Topic 4: Tuning the Schedule

Topic 5: Tuning Tasks

Topic 6: Exercise: Creating the Project

Module 2: Fine-Tuning Resources

Topic 1: Working with Material Resource Consumption Rates

Topic 2: Working with Resource Cost per Use

Topic 3: Working with Multiple Pay Rates

Topic 4: Working with Resource Availability

Topic 5: Resolving Resource Over-Allocation

Topic 6: Leveling Over-Allocated Resources

Topic 7: Exercise: Resource Leveling and Schedule Crashing

Module 3: Project Schedule Formatting

Topic 1: Overview of Presentation Options

Topic 2: Gantt Chart Formatting

Topic 3: Working with Views

Topic 4: Working with Custom Fields

Topic 5: Working with Tables

Topic 6: Creating Custom Views

Topic 7: Exercise: Creating a Custom View in Support of a Specific Requirement

Module 4: Project Schedule Tracking

Topic 1: Overview of Project Tracking and Control

Topic 2: Establishing a Project Baseline

Topic 3: Project Schedule Tracking

Topic 4: Working with Task Completion Percentages

Topic 5: Identifying Tasks that are Over Budget or Over Time

Topic 6: Exercise: tracking Project Progress

Module 5: Advanced Project Schedule Tracking

Topic 1: Recording Actual Start, Finish and Duration

Topic 2: Adjusting Remaining Work

Topic 3: An Introduction to Earned Value Management

Topic 4: Evaluating Performance with Earned Value Management

Topic 5: Exercise: Earned Value Management with Microsoft Project

Module 6: Project Reporting

Topic 1: Working with Dashboard Reports

Topic 2: Customizing and Formatting Reports

Topic 3: About Reporting on Project Status

Topic 4: Working with Visual Reports

Topic 5: Customizing and Printing a View

Topic 6: Exercise: Creating a Custom Report

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